Fiction Fridays #9: The Bear with Sticky Paws

The Bear with Sticky Paws: Clara Vulliamy (2007)

There’s a girl called Pearl and she’s being very grumpy, stamping her little feet and slamming the door.

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Extra Info:
For a lover of picture books, I can’t believe we hadn’t read any books by Clara Vulliamy before now. This has now been rectified and The Bear with Sticky Paws is a big hit in this household, especially with DG. With two daughters, I can definitely relate to having a grumpy girl (I’m sure it applies to sons just as much but I don’t have that experience) and I think for DG the story is really resonating with her burdgeoning independence so it’s a “read dat!” choice over and over (it’s not midday and I think I’ve read it six times today – toddlers :lol:)

I adore the art, my mummy heart is completely touched with Pearl’s grumpy face and I love that it ends with a hug and a kiss (especially as I get one from DG as we read that bit 🙂 ) DG loves the repetition: And – oh No! and MG likes counting all the different things that the bear eats (proving to me that there were not, in fact, too many ice creams to count :lol:)

I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone with toddlers, anyone with daughters (or sons!), anyone who has been a daughter, anyone who likes cute bears, anyone who loves picture books..

4 responses to “Fiction Fridays #9: The Bear with Sticky Paws

  1. I’m not familiar with this but I’m going to get a copy! I guess that’s what Fiction Fridays is all about 🙂 Thanks for sharing this, I think we’re going to enjoy it

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  3. I haven’t heard of this one but I think the illustrations look captivating and I’ll definitely look out for it at the local library to see what my little boy makes of it.

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