Fiction Fridays #15: Ernest

Ernest: Catherine Rayner (2009)

Ernest is a RATHER LARGE moose.

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Extra Info:
I adore Catherine Rayner‘s art. We were first introduced to Catherine Rayner via Augustus and his Smile that came in a BookStart pack. On the bookshelves we have Ernest, Augustus, Harris and Iris & Isaac and I thought it was more than about time I put one in a Fiction Fridays post.

Ernest is a rather large moose who tries very hard to squash and squeeze himself into his book but it looks like he won’t fit, until his little friend has a brilliant idea. A lovely book which I take to mean that you don’t have to try to fit somewhere that doesn’t suit you but to find where you fit in for just being yourself.

2 responses to “Fiction Fridays #15: Ernest

  1. What a lovely book! Going to get it for my 2yo. Thanks for the share.

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