Fiction Fridays #24: Mixed Up Fairy Tales

Mixed Up Fairy Tales: Hilary Robinson & Nick Sharratt (????)

Little Red Riding Hood had a mum who was a washerwoman and fell asleep in Baby Bear’s bed after eating a troll.

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Extra Info:
MG got this from one of her friends for her fifth birthday this year, funnily enough only a week after I’d read this review from Polly at The Little Wooden Horse and mentally added it to my “books to look for” list.

No extra review from me because I recommend reading The Little Wooden Horse. The book has been a huge hit here, hilariously funny. The kids love it too 😆

3 responses to “Fiction Fridays #24: Mixed Up Fairy Tales

  1. Thank you so much for the link back- characteristically generous of you. We’re still loving this book- and as I have mentioned it’s been a massive hit as a supportive but funny ‘reader’ with the kids I volunteer with- who love the control it gives them to find their own story to read.

  2. Oh, is this one of those books where the pages are in sections and you can flip over each section to make the story different? I had forgotten these books existed, I haven’t seen one of them in years! I think my girls would like this one, I’ll keep an eye out for it.

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