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When my eldest child first started day care, I carefully sewed name labels into her clothes bit by bit for a few weeks, thinking that I was clever in doing this on unlabelled clothes the night before so that I didn’t have to do lots in one sitting. Within a couple of weeks I was scrawling her name in biro on the clothes tags…

My second child always had her name scrawled in biro, on the clothes that didn’t already have either her sister’s name or our surname scrawled! When eldest was about to start school, I dutifully bought a packet of iron-on labels to save sewing and because I don’t really like the names written on labels (especially if you want to re-sell items somewhere along the line!)

I don’t know who I thought I was kidding; the iron only comes out to set Hama beads, the chances of me ironing labels on clothes was very slim! Plus friends told me that the iron-on labels unstick in the wash and are forever getting lost.

Just before school started, in the nick of time, I was headed in the direction of Easy Tags and (gulping slightly at the price compared to other labels) I ordered a set of 30 with backs for each child, plus an applicator.

I was instantly impressed with the ease of application and labelled MG’s entire uniform in practically no time at all. She even helped with some of them. I wasn’t sure how they’d hold up to wear and tear but after eight months use, even with constant washing and re-washing, the tags look as new as the day they arrived. None have come loose or been lost. I’ve had to remove some where eldest grew out of one size in clothes and went to the next, and they were just as easy to remove and re-use. I definitely recommend these to anyone who needs to label clothes, bedding, bags etc.

Thirty tags was plenty for MG’s day-to-day school use and so far I’ve not had to order any additional backs because DG’s labels have hardly been used yet so we had plenty of spare backs. If I didn’t have those, I would have needed to order spare backs. Because I only need to relabel a few times a year (winter/summer uniform, growth spurts), the basic manual applicator is more than enough. I’m not sure how robust the applicator is in comparison to the tags, but it looks like I should only need to buy a pack of spare backs every year or two and have no other labelling outlay.

For ease, convenience and durability these are worth every penny. Thirty tags, backs and a manual applicator cost £25; Thirty tags with backs are £15; and thirty backs are £5. They also come in packs of fifty, and heavy duty applicators are available.

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  1. You don’t mention how comfortable these tags are for the kiddies, especially on neck/waist wash labels. I have seen reviews on convenience, etc., but nothing on comfort for the child which is of primary concern. Before I buy (as I probably will) what has the experience been for your children? Thanks 🙂

    • That’s a really good point! To be honest, I mainly have the tags on inside seam tags rather than waistlines or neck labels. They are little unobtrusive buttons but are hard unlike sewn/iron labels. They do come with a guide to the best places to attach them to clothes so as not to be an irritation. My girls haven’t noticed the tags at all when wearing the clothes.

      The only downside with this is that I sometimes find my girls’ names scrawled in pen on the neck label because the school haven’t looked at the seam label! But I know that they’re all safely labelled and MG knows where her button is too so no worries about losing them.
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      • Great thanks, this helps a lot as I’d also wondered how often the tags got missed if they were on the seam label versus the traditional neck label. If my son knows where the tag is and so can identify his items then that should be perfectly fine.

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