Basher Books: Astronomy

Basher Books are fantastic little books that cover (mainly) scientific concepts in handy bite-sized chunks along with Manga-style anthropomorphic characterisations. They come in two sizes, and we’ve somehow built up a fairly big selection via offers at The Book People and Red House Books. They are far too ‘old’ for my girls but I think they’re brilliant so they’re on the shelves, to be discussed if either child ever shows an interest.

Astronomy: Out of this World! created by Simon Basher & written by Dan Green

Basher’s Astronomy covers a whole host of information: from planets and other objects in the solar system to types of stars; from galaxies to man-made machines; from the big bang to the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence…

Objects and concepts are grouped into chapters of “gangs” of similar characters.

Most characters then get a double-page spread of information, although some get only a single page.

The website has some online games, worksheets to download plus samples of each of the books and some great downloads including a huge PDF periodic table – but I’m digressing from astronomy now! The direct link to the Astronomy sampler is here.

The posters are included in the books, but can also be downloaded from the Basher Books site. This is what the poster for the Astronomy book looks like:

Age-wise this series is suggested for 9+ but it depends on the individual child. The anthropomorphic characterisations may confuse younger children or may be useful in explaining, all depending on the child. The book samplers should give a good idea of whether they’re suitable for your household. I think they’re wonderful books and thoroughly recommend them.

All images above (apart from my photo) are taken from the Basher Books website and copyright belongs to Macmillan publishers.

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