The Freezer’s Defrosted (Again) Fish Pie

I’ve always been in the ‘make it up as you go along’ school of cooking, so recipes are not something you’ll find me blogging about very often. This one didn’t turn out too badly, so I thought I’d share.

Step one: Discover that the freezer has defrosted. This could either be because (a) one of the kids opened it and didn’t shut it properly (the usual favourite in this house) or (b) the freezer is on the way out and probably didn’t shut because the top drawer was sticking out a tiny bit but to be honest it’s been playing up for weeks so who knows how many times it’s defrosted and refreezed the contents…

Step two: After throwing most of the (packed) freezer’s contents into food waste bags, look at collection of chicken dippers, mini potato waffles, steak, packets of frozen fish, cabbage and jacket potatoes that were the only things that still seemed vaguely okay. Cook entire packs of chicken dippers and waffles for lunch.

Step three: Phone mother, have a whinge, calm down. Get off phone. Look at two packets of Young’s frozen easy cook smoked fish pieces defrosting and decided to make fish pie.

Step four: Onto the actual cooking! Empty the two packets of fish into oven dish and season with salt and pepper. I added cumin seeds. Don’t add cumin seeds. They don’t really work with smoked fish. Add half packet of frozen cabbage on top of fish. Stick in oven. Something high-ish, like 200C for some indeterminate amount of time until it looks like it’s cooking.

Step five: Look at huge pile of mini potato waffles left over from lunch. Crumble potato waffles and mix with some grated cheese.

Step six: After some random amount of time, take oven dish out and mix up fish and cabbage. Drain off most of the liquid. Stick in the oven for a bit more.

Step seven: Decide that the fish is probably cooked. Sprinkle crumbled waffle and cheese mix over top of fish and cabbage and put back in the oven.

Step eight: It looks cooked. Feed family. Probably could do with some sides but well, fridge freezer is caput…

Step nine: Discover that the fridge isn’t working the next day and all the remaining food that you put in to defrost has now gone off.

Step ten: Live on tinned food and take aways for several days. Go on holiday and ignore problem. Plan to buy new fridge freezer as soon as get home.

2 responses to “The Freezer’s Defrosted (Again) Fish Pie

  1. *Giggles* Now that’s my kid of recipe!!!! Love this so much! I really like the bit where you write ‘I added cumin seeds. Don’t add cumin seeds.’ It’s just very funny somehow. More recipes! You have a gift! lol! ;O)

    • childledchaos

      Thoroughly inspired by your recipes, but not as good 🙂 Thanks, really appreciate your comment xx

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