First Stories

MG (5yr 5mo) has started writing stories. As her mother, I think her ‘books’ are the most amazing, wonderful things in the whole wide world ever. I’m sharing her first books below.

Book One

bi [MG] And the picJs rar bi [MG]
By [MG]. And the pictures are by [MG]

wons pon tim the ws A bear in bi the rocs nere the wortreA ejs he ws lone And sAd
Once upon a time there was a bear in by the rocks near the water’s edge. He was lonely and sad.

evn the frog cood not chere up evn the bee cood not chere him up evn the fox cood not doo
Even the frog could not cheer him up. Even the bee could not cheer him up. Even the fox could not do it.

bt the Awl coo do it.
But the owl could do it.

the end

Book Two

bi [MG}. and the picJs rs bi [MG].
By [MG]. And the pictures are by [MG]

wons pon ti thea ws a monstre hoo liv in carsl bcs ov the Jagn and the prinses ws criing and wondin if a prins wd cum to rescyou he wod cum to resgyoy.
Once upon a time there was a monster who lived in a castle because of the dragon. And the princess was crying and wondering if a prince would come to rescue her.

dn and he did cum she sdopt criin ar you u rel prins yes i am pt won secnd a wicd wich pere how did theat hapn prins
Then and he did come. She stopped crying.
“Are you a real prince? “
“Yes I am.”
But one second a wicked witch appeared.
“How did that happen prince?”

I am so proud of my little girl’s imagination, and how happy she was producing these first stories. I can’t wait for more, especially the middle of the first book and the end of the second!

12 responses to “First Stories

  1. Bravo to the author! These are properly excellent. I especially love the repetition and finale in the first story, and the intriguing ending of the second. You are rightly proud!

    • childledchaos

      Thank-you, that is high praise indeed πŸ™‚ All her own work and imagination with no help, which makes me extra-specially wonderfully proud (of course!)

  2. Lovely stories and even lovelier spelling. How old is she? I agree, the rhythm of the first one shows she has grasped the essence of story telling. Delightful

  3. Hey, I am a pink box with a quizzical expression. I like it!

    • childledchaos

      πŸ™‚ Thank-you for the lovely comment! She’s not quite 5 & 1/2, just finished reception year at school.

  4. I loved these stories, they are brilliant!

  5. How did I miss these until now? That’s the Olympics for ya. Brilliant brilliance.

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