Conversation with a Three Year Old

Pirate Princess Bumblebee Fairy

She is somewhat awkward is my littlest child 🙂

What do you want for lunch?


Cheese or ham?

Orange cheese.*

We haven’t got any orange cheese. Yellow cheese or ham?

Orange cheese.

We haven’t got any orange cheese. Yellow cheese or ham?

Orange cheese.

There’s no orange cheese! Yellow cheese or ham?

Orange cheese.

Um… How about this light orange cheese? [Yellow cheese!]


[I make the sandwiches and we sit down to eat together.]

Mummy, can I have your ham?

[Proceeds to eat the ham from my sandwich… Typical!]

*Red Leicester or Double Gloucester. Orange is her favourite colour.

7 responses to “Conversation with a Three Year Old

  1. Those sort of conversations crack me up! Good on you for sharing your ham, I’m not sure I’d have been as generous, lol! ;o)
    brinkofbedlam recently posted..The Time Thief and the RoseMy Profile

  2. This made me smile 🙂 maybe offer green cheese & see what the reaction is! My wee one has a habit of asking you to eat some of her food, and getting upset it you refuse!
    Helen recently posted..The Monster at the End of This BookMy Profile

  3. She is now my style guru. That’s such a good look. Orange also Very Important for Eddie. He may join the Hari Krishnas in due course.
    Polly Faber recently posted..Hello BabyMy Profile

    • Orange is so hard to get things in – most things are in pink and blue (I do try!) The winter coat she’s chosen is from the ‘boy’ section because the girl coats were in pink, purple, pale pink, blue, red, grey and brown. Okay, not just pink/purple, but still no orange! 😉

      Eddie has good taste. Orange is a great colour.

  4. So funny! Ah, the one-track mind of three-year-olds (or so they’d like you to believe)! Cute picture BTW!
    Lisa Nolan recently posted..Control Freakonomics for MomsMy Profile

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