Vintage Books for Clara

My mum worked for Blackwell’s for 19 years before she retired. She worked as an administrator in the sales department and in the huge office building that Blackwell’s used to own, there were always books available for the staff to take with a contribution to charity. There were proofs; damaged new books; second hand books… Every now and then there was a sort-out in some forgotten corner and more books became available. On one of these occasions, my mum collected a number of children’s books which she’s recently given to me.

Vintage is a bit of a stretch, these are books mainly dated in the 80’s or 70’s but I’ve seen books over 6 months old classified as vintage in some places! The books are tatty and worn, and worthless to anyone but a reader*. I mentioned them to the lovely Clara Vulliamy because I thought she’d like them. This post is especially for you, Clara!

* On looking up the three below, actually Pookie and the Swallows might be desirable after all so I’ve taken it from the bookshelves just in case!

Tinies’ Book of Prayers: Mabel Lucie Attwell (Dean, 1985 reprint)

Pookie and the Swallows: Ivy Wallace (Collins, 1963)

A Merry Mouse Christmas ABC: Priscilla Hillman (Doubleday, 1980)

I hope you enjoyed the peek into some sort-of vintage books. Inspired by Storyseekers, I may have a look at my old books and put some up too – they’re all very tatty though and sadly no picture books kept.

4 responses to “Vintage Books for Clara

  1. I LOVE the old children’s books and enjoyed your pictures here, thank you! My daughters are into vintage clothes rather than books and it gets a bit embarrassing when they now label as ‘vintage’ things that I used to wear!
    Ross Mountney recently posted..I wanna break free…..My Profile

  2. What a wonderful present to receive – a dedicated post full of my favourite things! I have been spending a very happy hour examining every tiny detail: a mouse in a matchbox bed WITH TEDDIES… a rabbit with wings… Mabel Lucie Attwell I know of course but not this one – so sweet… all so lovely!
    I’m wondering what it is that gives them their huge charm – the detail maybe, and the colours. Oh and yes, I think they are all collectors’ pieces so take good care of them.
    (I loved the comment above – yes, we are ALL getting to be a little vintage ourselves!)
    Thank you so much Anne-Marie, I really love it. XX

  3. These books all look absolutely gorgeous and admiring them via your lovely post has been a lovely Sunday afternoon activity! Thank you 🙂
    storyseekersuk recently posted..Octavia’s BookshopMy Profile

  4. I think I read Pookie as a child – she looks somehow familiar 🙂

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