The Little Fir Tree

This year MG has the part of Mary in her class Nativity play (5-7 year olds). The main part is the fir tree, Mary and Joseph don’t have any lines but they do join in the songs! I’m getting an idea of the play, not only from MG’s singing but she made this book at the weekend, and being the ultra-proud parent I am, I had to share!

The Little Fir Tree Cover “The Littl fir tree”
The top corner says “scall” (school) and the names of her teachers.

The Little Fir Tree pages 1 & 2 “The Litte fir tree. One day groe sum fir trees one was sml the uvers lrft heloe shorte heloe scwert he toe small The wodkcuter cam to lok at all the trees the wodkcuter cam”
The Little Fir Tree. One day some fir trees grew. One was small. The others laughed: hello shorty, hello squirt, he’s too small. The woodcutter came to look at all the trees. The woodcutter came 

The Little Fir Tree page 1Page 1 flap open

The Little Fir Tree pages 3 & 4

“Sum time the rain fet on the trees splish splash piter pater in the rain forist fallin on the”
Sometimes the rain fell on the trees. Splish, splash. Pitter, patter in the rain. Falling in the forest.

The Little Fir Tree pages 5 & 6
The Little Fir Tree pages 7 & 8
“fall in the graown flot in all a rown
sumtims the sun shind brit on the trees sun lit sun lit berning
brit in the blow sky sunit sunlit berning brit in the blow sky”
Falling on the ground, floating all around.
Sometimes the sun shone bright on the trees. Sunlight, sunlight burning bright in the blue sky. Sunlight, sunlight burning bright in the blue sky.

The Little Fir Tree pages 9 & 10
“mere and dyosif wer son to hav a baby that ni the baby was born”
Mary and Joseph were soon to have a baby. That night the baby was born.

The Little Fir Tree pages 11 & 12
“Jezs Jezs so small and so preshesj and glorre of heven alyoleer alyoler come to erth”
Jesus, Jesus, so small and so precious. Glory of heaven, hallelujah, hallelujah. Come to Earth.

The Little Fir Tree Back Cover
“evre one has sum think to liv for evre one of us has sumthink to liv for”
Everyone has something to live for. Every one of us has something to live for.

MG told me that the last page should also say “everyone has something to give”. I’m not sure what the picture is, the things she likes about herself maybe? Or just a random doodle that belongs somewhere else?!

MG makes a lot of books like this. She glues pages together, creates flaps and sticks pictures she’s drawn and cut-out down. I really must find some of the other good examples and take pictures. This one especially impressed me because it’s a more complete work (she often gets distracted, or the books are more disjointed – I love them all!) and because it shows how she has learnt and understood her Christmas play.

Things I find interesting are how there are a lot more high frequency words that are in her head that she can write correctly. It’s interesting (to me!) to see this develop. I also find it interesting how the “D” and “J” sounds can be confused. She writes “Dyosif” for “Joseph”, cf. “Jagn” for “Dragon” in her first stories four months ago. I also love her hallelujah: alyoleer/alyoler. I had to look up the spelling and had forgotten it actually starts with an H so I think her attempt is brilliant.

Her spacing and splitting of words over two lines make it quite hard to work out all her meaning still, but every part of that is improving and she’s really getting her ideas across. I leave her total freedom to create, and don’t “correct” anything she does. I do say I can’t always read what’s written but we work it out together and I’m getting pretty good at reading phonetically now!

Not wanting to leave DG out, she’s starting to make letter shapes so I think she’ll be forming her first letters and maybe her name very soon. At her age, MG could write her own name and her sister’s but MG and DG are different people. In contrast, DG flies off into preschool in the morning without a backward glance to me but I was still coming into the class every morning for the whole of F1 with MG and she still has shy mornings now, although her confidence is blossoming.

Blossoming is one of the words MG’s teacher used to describe her in parent’s evening last week, along with determined and a credit to the school. The teacher also said that whatever I was doing at home, to keep on doing it because MG is putting everything together and has no worries in any subject area. DG’s key worker said she was quiet! My daughters are completely different people at school than at home! I am utterly proud of every bit of both of them.

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  1. AWWWWWW! How utterly lovely is that! Well done MG!
    ReadItDaddy recently posted..Dog loves Drawing by Louise Yates (Red Fox Picture Books)My Profile

  2. What a lovely book she’s made! It’s very poetic actually and I could hear William Blake in there – burning bright! She’s an artist certainly. You obviously are doing wonders with her at home. I was very impressed. Perhaps at the end, she is the little fir tree? I bet you can’t wait to see the school production!
    childtasticbooks recently posted..Review: The Diabolical Mr TiddlesMy Profile

    • I suspect most of the words come from the songs she’s learning, but I’m impressed she chose to put it all together in a book. She wanted to be the fir tree in the play but she’s Mary. I suspect the Y2 children got the main speaking parts (her class is Y1/Y2 mixed) and I think she would have been too nervous to sing solo really! Next year, maybe she will (if she wants to!) At home, I mainly just leave the children to it! Idle parenting at work 😉

  3. That is so lovely and amazing that she has the patience to sit and write like that!
    Nikki Thomas recently posted..Butt Holes and Oat Trees? Time for a Funee!My Profile

  4. That is utterly brilliant! She’s definitely got a future as an author ahead of her. And her spelling is beautiful – it looks like Old English. I’m sure the writer of Beowulf would have understood her perfectly.
    Elli recently posted..NightmareMy Profile

  5. I thought it reminded me of a medieval poem or mystery play – the spelling and the intensity! Utterly lovely. I love ‘fall in the graown flot in all a rown,..sumtims the sun shind brit on the trees sun lit sun lit berning…brit in the low sky sunit sunlit berning brit in the blow sky’. That’s seriously beautiful!

  6. Just beautiful. I love her vision and her commitment to put everything on paper! So glad you shared this.
    Helen recently posted..Phonics Fun with Hairy LettersMy Profile

  7. I loved it but I couldn’t stop laughing all the way through it. It reminded me of what I used to do in school when I was younger when it came to spelling certain words. When I reached the word Hallelujah I couldn’t figure out what it was at all so I just started laughing & then I read your re-write. She is a very talented little lady & she should be encouraged to keep on writing & reading, when I was young myself I wrote stories & I haven’t stopped, if she keeps it up she might come up with the next Harry Potter! Stranger things have happened!

  8. I hope you have a beautiful box to keep such treasures as this safe in!
    Zoe recently posted..Looking for inspiration 3: Dave Eggers’ TED talkMy Profile

  9. Fir tree is such a useful tree especially used to cure wounds and nose secretion in my country. It can also help you to overcome diabetes.

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