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With is being delightfully chilly here at the moment, and the midst of the cold/flu season, what better time to review books aimed at easing children’s fears of the unknown – in this case, doctors and dentists.

ABC Doctor: Harriet Ziefort & Liz Murphy (Blue Apple Books, 2007)ABC Doctor: Harriet Ziefert & Liz Murphy (Blue Apple Books, 2007)
Both these books are written for the American market so some parts of the alphabet don’t quite translate for the UK but on the whole the ABC Doctor is an easy-to-digest, light-hearted and informative read covering things from Appointments to Fever; from Hand hygiene to Urine samples and ending with feeling a Zillion times better. The temperatures mentioned are in Fahrenheit rather than Celsius but the majority of the book translates well between US and UK so is probably fairly appropriate for most of the English-speaking world. One teeny bugbear I have about the book is that despite doctors and nurses being depicted of either gender (and many races) throughout the book, for the Doctor entry a male is portrayed and for the Nurse entry a female is portrayed, continuing a gender stereotype that children will see in many formats. However, this is my only real negative as the illustrations are interesting and engaging, being a mix of collage and paint and the ABC format gives a nice structure. There is just enough detail in the text to be informative and the ABC listing also allows a tired reader to skip most of the words on the third or fourth consecutive reading of the book as well as introducing vocabulary to small children. This would be a perfect book for a child who wants to know more about a doctor visit and who prefers facts to stories.

ABC Dentist: Harriet Ziefert & Liz Murphy (Blue Apple Books, 2008)ABC Dentist: Harriet Ziefort & Liz Murphy (Blue Apple Books, 2008)
Much of what I’ve written for ABC Doctor applies to ABC Dentist. Things that don’t translate so well from US to UK include mentioning that mouth ulcers are also called canker sores (I never knew that!) but again these are minor areas. The alphabet here goes from Appointments to having teeth a Zillion times cleaner! It’s the same team as ABC Doctor so the same style and a nice accompaniment. I particularly liked the entries on Teeth, Number of Teeth and Roots which were very informative on the structure and layout. DG and I had a giggle looking for Plaque, counting our teeth and feeling our Jaws – and then she went to brush her teeth, before asking for both books again and again…

Disclaimer: We were sent copies of ABC Doctor and ABC Dentist by Blue Apple Books for review. No other financial reward was given and the opinions are my own. I was not asked to write this post.

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