Mabel and Me Best of Friends by Mark Sperring & Sarah Warburton

Mabel and Me Best of Friends by Mark Sperring & Sarah Warburton

Mabel and Me Best of Friends: Mark Sperring & Sarah Warburton (HarperCollins Children’s Books, 2013)

Unlikely friends are a common theme in children’s books. Unlikely friends. But let’s think about that for a bit. Terry Pratchett writes in his Discworld novels that million-to-one chances work out nine times out of ten and it seems to me that unlikely friends are just as likely. I’ve written before how author / illustrator partnerships where the collaborators are friends seem to produce books that stand out more, whether they were friends before or became friends from working together, and the partnership of Mark Sperring and Sarah Warburton shines through in Mabel and Me Best of Friends.

I’ve loved Sarah Warburton’s work for several years now and have previously raved about The Princess and the Peas, a collaboration with Caryl Hart. I’m not sure Caryl and Sarah knew each other well before working on The Princess and the Peas but they certainly completely “got” each other and what was needed there, and Sarah showcases her talent for matching pictures to text again with Mabel and Me.

Mabel and Me‘s unlikely friendship is between a little girl and her “strange little creature thing with scrawny hairy rodent legs” friend. “Me” takes centre stage with Mabel only saying a few words throughout the book, although these words are significant as well as being “hugely harrowing and diabolically difficult” on occasion.

The words chosen throughout the story are spot-on. Many phrases from this book have entered the everyday subconscious of the Chaos household. “Hey, you, you in the tutu!” being a particular favourite. But it’s not just the words that are spot-on; each character’s expression conveys so much meaning. The shocked faces of Monsieur Famous French Photographer and Senora Prima Ballerina (and what wonderful names they are too!); Me’s perplexity, indignation and forlornness (amongst others); and most of all the looks of friendship between Mabel and Me.

There is too much to love about this book. From the copyright page styled as a wall with posters pasted on; the end papers showing the characters in daytime and night; the detailing of the city they walk through; the cat in one window eying up a goldfish in another; the fez and stetson thrown in the air (Fezzes are cool!); the photobooth with a mustache; more wall posters…

The detail in the illustrations make this book a joy to read over and over again, plus give so many jumping points for follow on projects: houses and architecture; Europe; ballet; photography; design; dance; emotions… Not to mention what can be taken from the text: alliteration; mixed-up sayings…

Overall and beyond all that, this is a lovely story about friendship that we all enjoy on different levels. Although suitable for toddlers and up, there is so much in Mabel and Me that makes it perfect for older children so I’d recommend for any household with children aged 2-10.

Mabel and Me Best of Friends is currently out in hardback with RRP of £12.99 and is worth every penny; it’s out in paperback on 4th July.

You can read a lovely story behind the creation of the book and a newsflash mini-story starring Mabel and Me on Sarah Warburton’s blog plus an interview with Sarah here. I’m not leaving Mark out on purpose, I just couldn’t find much of an online presence to share!

Disclaimer: We were sent a copy of Mabel and Me Best of Friends by Sarah Warburton and HarperCollins Children’s Books for review. No other financial reward was given and the opinions are my own. I was not asked to write this post.

Sarah also wrapped the book beautifully and added some lovely extras, which made me squeak loudly when we opened the package. Huge and extra-special thank-yous from us all to Sarah xx

Mabel and Me book and cards

8 responses to “Mabel and Me Best of Friends by Mark Sperring & Sarah Warburton

  1. That thing I was saying about quality of review over quantity? You say you don’t post many reviews but when you do, they’re rocking good reviews!!

    Still hopelessly in love with the art in this and the rather different ‘take’ on the friendship thing (which is a theme we’ve seen so much lately in children’s books – definitely no bad thing!). Lovely lovely book though and love those additions!
    ReadItDaddy recently posted..Dwaine Pipe – “Would you eat that?” by Simon Tuck and Alan Brown (Northumbrian Water)My Profile

  2. I love unlikely friendship books too! This picture book looks adorable! I’ll be on the lookout for it.
    PragmaticMom recently posted..20 Books About Poland For KidsMy Profile

  3. I just want to read Mabel and Me after seeing that adorable cover – thank you for a lovely review 🙂
    Catherine recently posted..The Trouble with Gran by Babette ColeMy Profile

  4. I’m totally in the queue now too for this book, I love books about friendship anyway but this one looks ace.
    Helen recently posted..AniMatchMy Profile

  5. LOVE this review! I won this in a competition last week and Can Not Wait to get my hands on it 🙂 Your review has heightened my excitement yet further and I am literally skipping round the room (wearing a tutu, obvs…) in anticipation. Thanks for a super post.
    storyseekersuk recently posted..A book to celebrate C and H’s wonderful daddyMy Profile

  6. What a lovely gesture from Sarah to add those extras! It’s such a nice touch! What a great review Anne-Marie and I love Sarah’s style of illustration – so kid-friendly. Thanks for sharing your review in the Kid Lit Blog Hop. I am a new follower via email and FB (I already follow you on Twitter). Have a lovely weekend! 🙂
    Renee C. recently posted..Book Blast + $50 Giveaway: EvertasterMy Profile

  7. I like Sarah Warburton too. Thanks for linking to the Kid Lit Blog Hop!
    Dena recently posted..Friday Favorites #1: Tuesday Mourning, IllustratorMy Profile

  8. Thank-you all for the lovely comments. This review was a joy to write!

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