Our Week In Books #31, #32 & #33

I am going to have to search through my receipts and piles of books to update this one properly, as I haven’t updated Goodreads properly or kept any kind of track on account of a depression blip. I didn’t want to leave this for yet another week though, as it’s been three weeks already.

I’m sure I shouldn’t include the Anna Hibiscus books in my reading challenge, especially as it took me 21 minutes to read both Hooray for Anna Hibiscus and Good Luck Anna Hibiscus (I just happened to look at the time before I started the first and after I finished the second), any more than I should include Letters to Klaus. But I have. And they’re staying there.

I’ve also added several Kindle books this week, and I always forget to add those (mainly because I normally get free ones), but these were 99p sale ones that I’d heard good things about so thought I’d get them. I suppose I should borrow them from a library, but I’ve had 99p books on my Kindle (or 2nd hand paperbacks etc) sitting for years before I get round to reading them and I don’t think libraries work like that. I just have to be in the right mood for a book basically…

Talking of libraries, we have managed to go at last and have now been twice so MG & DG are building up their Summer Reading Challenge poster. Or they would be, if they get round to is. It’s a glow in the dark bracelet next time we go I’ve been told. MG is in to choosing early readers and chapter books now, but we haven’t consistently read any and I must sit down and make her read because she does enjoy it and it helps with her writing (that she’s far more interested in doing.) DG still likes to choose board books, so I’m choosing her books for her, but we’ve got so many at home that she’s quite happy with reading over and over and over again.

Theme-wise I did stick to bear books for a bit, and kind-of tried with the traditional tales but that was during my biggest blip/dip so not much sticking to anything going on. I think the Africa theme dates are near an end but we’ve just started them (hence the Anna Hibiscus obsession, only the picture books seem to be of interest to the girls so far though so I read the early readers!) I’m reading Handa’s Surprise several times a day though, and tried to read Abigail but Handa and Anna Hibiscus were more interesting so far. It’s only been a couple of nights on the theme though and they do love Abigail.

Reviewing books is where I’m failing. There are so many wonderful review copies that we are enjoying and want to share, and so many more that we’ve borrowed or bought too. I’m just not really capable of doing them justice so I’m leaving it.

This has all been a big bit of a ramble. It’s my diary section of the blog. Nothing planned or reviewed or about one subject or taking time to get the words in the right order, just a bit of braindump on books. I’m hoping I manage to fill in the gaps at some point but if I don’t, it’s still been a very interesting experiment keeping track of my buying habits. Shame I seem to spend more than my income on books, really need to sort that one out…

New Picture Books read this week recently-ish:
Splash, Anna Hibiscus! Anna Hibiscus' Song Little Red Riding Hood Mixed Up Fairy Tales Mixed Up Nursery Rhymes. by Hilary Robinson, Liz Pichon Octopus Socktopus  The Lamb Who Came for Dinner  Class Two at the Zoo I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato Spider and the Fly

Books added to shelves: 3? Mostly Books; 5? second-hand books; 3 review books; 5 Kindle. Cumulative book spend: £455.90+?? + £24 loyalty card + 400 book points (306? books)

Library books borrowed: 34. Cumulative library books borrowed: 109+.

Books removed from shelves: none. Cumulative book removal: 229 books.

Challenge books read: The Ocean at the End of the Lane; The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome; Anna Hibiscus; Hooray for Anna Hibiscus; Good Luck Anna Hibiscus; Have Fun Anna Hibiscus

Year progress: 229/365 = 62.7%
Picture Book Challenge progress: 346/300 = 115.3%
50 Book Challenge / Read 52 progress: 39/52 = 75.0%

A reading challenge from http://liveotherwise.co.uk/makingitup


2 responses to “Our Week In Books #31, #32 & #33

  1. That’s a lot of books.
    liveotherwise recently posted..Silent Sunday 18 August 2013My Profile

  2. It’s really hard to blog during the holidays, different priorities. You still have a very impressive number of books on your list! We’ve been reading Handa too, it’s not unusual to see my daughter trying to balance a bread basket full of plastic fruit on her head!
    Catherine recently posted..Tom & Small by Clara VulliamyMy Profile

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