Our Week in Books #39

Still not updating Goodreads, bit rubbish. Ah well, maybe I’ll set aside a bit this week… It’s been quite busy these first few weeks of term and last week was horrendous for after-school things because of a performance that MG wanted to be part of. I just can’t do out-of-school things, makes me too stressed. Not to mention that getting back from the two performances after 7.30pm led to a buzzing child who didn’t sleep until 10pm, led to meltdowns of epic proportions by Friday evening. That’s an evening I do not want to repeat in a hurry.

I feel like I achieved nothing this week because I didn’t do what I planned to in my mental plan of decluttering and I’ve barely been able to drag myself through the motions most days. I did get Barefoot Books letters out to every parent at school though, and cleared six books from my review backlog as well as write a post on fables that I’m quite pleased with.

Not really functioning at the moment so concentrating on reading isn’t happening. I started re-reading The Weirdstone of Brisingamen for the first time in over 20 years (my copy is dated 1987, I guess that’s when I read it) and hopefully will actually finish it without flitting to something else but my brain is quite fractured and sticking to things is hard at the moment.

Blah, already hit published and changing things already. Make that seven books from the backlog as I did Dixie O’Day and a piece on its fabulous creators last Sunday. And I was approved as a Trusted Blogger for Mum.com so I need to submit my blurb and start planning some parenting posts. Oh, and I also sent the open letter to the right people so hopefully will get a reply to report on. I guess I did a few things after all. Just not domestic tasks.

New Picture Books read this week:

Books added to shelves: 2 review books; 14 Barefoot Books Starter Kit – does this count?! Cumulative: 401 or 415

Library books borrowed: none Cumulative: 132+

Books removed from shelves: none Cumulative: 232

Challenge books read: none finished

Year progress: 271/365 = 74.2%
Picture Book Challenge progress: 358/300 = 119.3%
50 Book Challenge / Read 52 progress: 45/52 = 86.5%

A reading challenge from http://liveotherwise.co.uk/makingitup

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