Our Week in Books #42

I’ve updated Goodreads at last! The dates are all wrong of course but (most of) the books are there, although I’ve certainly missed several. The Jane Hissey’s are all the wrong editions as I got a pack of the 2013 Salariya editions but I didn’t feel like adding all ten books to Goodreads so I used the versions that were there already.

My review writing catch up has fallen well behind as well. No reviews written in October at all, and today’s the nineteenth. How is it the nineteenth? The last three weeks really have just disappeared on me. Almost time for school hols so blogging will go to zero again, I really must get some reviews up in the next few days to compensate.

The children are horrors at the moment. This extra-long term has really tired them out, plus MG has a fever at the moment so will expect DG to go down with that soon. Given the amount of screaming tonight, I think that will be very soon. Only three more school days and then they get eleven days off. I’m not looking forward to it because I am rubbish at full time parenting at the moment but I’m also looking forward to it because they really need the lie-ins and relaxation time away from school.

I was looking through some old photos and I got really sad. I did used to do so many more things with them – ice painting and splodge painting and playing with sand and water in the garden, and I didn’t at all this summer. MG said that we didn’t do as much because they were at school now (she’s a smart child) but I still feel I should have done more this summer, while they are still young.

The house is far more of a mess than I planned it to be by now, so I have to move my Christmas deadline, which makes me sad. I also haven’t started getting the old toys ready to sell and if I don’t do it soon then there’s really no point until next October because people only seem to buy just before Christmas.

DG had her first reading book from school last week! It’s one of the Biff, Chip & Kipper books with no words. She loves books but if you ask her to read something she refuses. I then hear her reciting pages when she thinks no one is around! Both girls decided that they wanted Not Now, Bernard this week, and MG started quoting chunks of it from memory. We’ve not read it for months, but apparently she’s doing it at school. It took a while to find it on the shelves, but both of them knew exactly what it looked like!

I’ve not done any reading for me either. I’m not sure what I want to read. I’ve been including the chapter books in my reading count so it looks like I’ve read 50, but I really ought to take eight off that. I just can’t concentrate again and am currently torn between reading The Moon of Gomrath or The Book of Three. If I read The Moon of Gomrath, I’ll probably have to acquire a copy of Boneland to read. If I read The Book of Three, then I’m starting another series. I want to re-read so many of my childhood books, and I just don’t know where to start. Maybe I should read one of the grown-up books instead?!

New Picture Books read this week:
Titch Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy Hubble Bubble: The Glorious Granny Bake Off Welcome Home, Anna Hibiscus! Dixie O'Day: In The Fast Lane The Emperor's Nightingale and Other Feathery Tales The Adventures of the Owl and the Pussycat Very Little Red Riding Hood Old Bear Stories My Granny Went to Market: A Round-The-World Counting Rhyme Mama Panya's Pancakes: A Village Tale from Kenya The Snow Queen Chapter Herb, the Vegetarian Dragon Who's In The Garden? Bear on a Bike I Took the Moon for a Walk The Animal Boogie [With CD] Port Side Pirates with Cdex Emily's Tiger The Story Tree We All Went On Safari: A Counting Journey Through Tanzania Clare Beaton's Nursery Rhymes Little Bear's Dragon and Other Stories Old Bear's Surprise Painting Ruff Hoot Little Bear Lost How to Lose a Lemur The Yoga Game All Through the Night How to Babysit a Grandad Wibbly Pig and the TookyNoisy Farm Penguin on Holiday Where’s Tim’s Ted? It’s Time for Bed! Captain Brainpower and the Mighty Mean Machine The Littlest Bird Spider Sandwiches Oh No Wibbly Pig, Not a Rabbit! The Girl with a Brave Heart Troll and the Oliver

Books added to shelves: 1 review book; 3 Barefoot Books. Cumulative: 430 (incl Barefoot Books again!)

Library books borrowed: none Cumulative: 132+

Books removed from shelves: none Cumulative: 232

Challenge books read: Hubble Bubble: The Glorious Granny Bake Off! Not this week but I’ve retrospectively added Jane Ray’s The Emperor’s Nightingale and Dixie O’Day because I included Anna Hibiscus etc.

Year progress: 292/365 = 80.0%
Picture Book Challenge progress: 394/300 = 131.3%
50 Book Challenge / Read 52 progress: 50/52 = 96.2%

A reading challenge from http://liveotherwise.co.uk/makingitup

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