Angry Birds Magnets and Masks Books

Angry Birds books from Top That! Publishing

When I was offered Angry Birds books to review, I asked Mighty-Girl, the Angry Birds player, if she was interested. The answer was a resounding yes! We’ve had these for a while now, testing them out ready to report back.

Angry Birds Magnetic Mash-Up!
This magnet book is actually about the piggies. There is however another magnet book, Angry Birds Magnetic Mix-Up!, which is about the birds. This book contains five double page spreads of blank pig faces and lots of magnetic face pieces – I’m sure we’ve probably lost some but I’ve just counted 32 magnets. In theory there’s a story; in practice this is a play book. Destructo-Girl (4) loves magnet books and imaginative play and is quite happy playing with this book. Mighty-Girl (6) has shown very little interest in it, and to be honest I can see her point. This is more for the younger sibling toddler / pre-schooler who wants to play along but can’t quite manage the game yet. Or for any younger child who likes making faces from magnets but isn’t necessarily an Angry Birds fan.

Angry Birds Playground: Ca-Cool Masks
This contains six bird and two pig masks to make. The front pages contain pictures, a short intro about each character, an Angry Birds fact, plus instructions on how to make the 3D mask. The masks are created from push-out pieces on card pages so no cutting required, and the elastic to complete them is included. This is great for dress-up play in itself but would be absolutely brilliant for an Angry Birds themed party. There’s also Paper Craft Fun! and Fun Things to Make and Do which might come in useful for a themed party too – or just for rainy day fun when you want to tear the children away from screens for a bit. I’ve not seen the other books but based on Ca-Cool Masks I’d expect them to be good quality.

You can see all of the Top That! Publishing Angry Birds books on their website. We found the two that we received to be fun, colourful, full of characters from the games, and have great quality pages and magnets.

Disclosure: We were sent copies of Angry Birds Magnetic Mash-Up! and Angry Birds Playground: Ca-Cool Masks by Top That! Publishing for review. No other financial reward was given and the opinions are my own. I was not asked to write this post.

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