Our Week in Books #46

As expected (because I did ask for them), this week has been high on the review books front. Twenty one books. That’s, um, lots. I didn’t request that many, but got a very nice surprise from a publisher I’ve not worked with before. I now have to look at my ridiculous review pile and write the posts I planned. And write about the posts I planned too, because reasons…

I spent a large chunk of my time this week writing a comparison between the UK and US editions of Fortunately, The Milk. It’s one of those blog posts where your pour so much effort in and you really, really hope that people will read. I do try not to fuss about stats, but it was one I was really hoping would be interesting so I’m feeling disheartened that it hasn’t shined. I wanted to write it though, and I got the two editions and put the time in because I was interested in the first place, not because it could be blogged, but still…

I managed to get 36 books out of the house to a charity collection, to slightly decrease that gap between books gained and books removed. Over 200 books added to the shelves this year, but I do have books waiting to go. Oh, just remembered, I sold ten books the other week but forgot to put them down, so I’ll add them in this week. That’s less than 200 books net gain then!

I haven’t updated Goodreads with books received or read this week so a gap there again. I doubt that will change for a couple of weeks as I’ve got the review posts to organise. I’m in the middle of writing several but am not completing at the moment annoyingly. My brain is frazzled. No change there…

Writing a post a day completely flew out of the window, but I’m still going to keep adding up my word count (although it won’t appear on the bottom of every post.) I’ve some lovely things that MG has written to share so will get some of those up too. Maybe I can average a post a day and get 30 done for November in total. Do I count MG’s words in my total? I think so, because it’s a blog total not a personal one as such.

I must reply to comments too. I read them and mentally reply, but funnily enough people can’t read minds and don’t know that I appreciate the comments. I really do, even if I take ages to reply. Apologies for that, it’s one of my weak points and one I doubt will improve quickly. I’ll work on it!

New Picture Books read this week:

Books added to shelves: 21 review copies. Cumulative: 473

Library books borrowed: 2 Cumulative: 156+

Books removed from shelves:  46 Cumulative: 279

Challenge books read: none

Year progress: 320/365 = 87.7%
Picture Book Challenge progress: 441/300 = 147.0%
50 Book Challenge / Read 52 progress: 54/52 = 103.8%

A reading challenge from http://liveotherwise.co.uk/makingitup

[Word count: 480; November word count: 7,266]

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