Our Week in Books #48

I’ve not updated Goodreads, and this definitely won’t happen next week either as it’s a packed week. I’m not sure how I’m going to fit everything in, and what bits I’m going to have to give up on. It’s DG’s nativity, there’s two performances during school time of an hour each and she’d like me to go to both. DG’s foundation unit are having an open morning, and I’d really like to see them all in action so I want to go. I’ve got an eye test booked. I have to go to the post office in town (village one shut down a couple of months ago) to post parcels to family for xmas (one in Ireland, both contain belated birthday gifts too) plus books I’ve promised to send people. It’s the school Christmas Fair on Friday and I’m sort-of involved if they tell me what to do – I have books to wrap for the Father Christmas grotto gifts, and raffle tickets to fold probably. And my two hours of paid work, plus four hours I owe from the last three months. And I have a review and giveaway I’ve not written, a roundup of gift books x2 that I wanted to do in November (bit late) and a huge giveaway post that I need to get posted this week – each of which will take between 1 and 4hrs to prepare. I am a slow writer, and getting pictures and words in the right order does take time. And I need to put up all the toddler toys we have to sell, which also should have been done in November, in the hope that they’ll get bought for xmas presents. Gift idea posts and selling is a bit late after the first week of December as many people have already finished shopping then. Oh, and it’s technically our anniversary, but that’s now the anniversary of losing my dad (another book review I *have* to do for that date) so I might be feeling a teeny bit down on top of completely stressed from trying to fit about 32 hours work into the 28 child-free hours that I actually have. And I’ve probably forgotten other stuff I was supposed to have done already too. And no, I can’t work in the evenings, especially not on school nights. With children that are up until 9pm, and full on when they’re around, anything other than laundry and cooking is almost impossible to do when they’re around.

That was a bit of a paragraph and a half. It’s no wonder I can’t remember anything. I wrote the Frustrations post, and a few hours later had a lovely private message asking after me and it took me several minutes to work out why they would be worried. My wonderful executive function in action. And I did forget something already. There’s an aspie drop-in session on Monday that I was thinking about going to again too. That’s definitely out then…

I got frustrated that I haven’t finished a book for ages so read Oliver and the Seawigs today. It was great fun. I got it from the library but I’m really tempted to buy a copy. I’ll check whether MG likes the look of it. MG could read chapter books but she likes books with pictures, highly illustrated books like Oliver and the Seawigs are a perfect compromise.

S. is taking me ages to slog through. I guess it’s just not my kind of thing. I was never a literature student and the entire premise just seems a bit silly. I want to finish it though, having put so much time in already, and it’s interesting enough. It’s just a long read for me, and not wowing me particularly.

Blah blah boring blah…

Blogging every day in November fell apart fairly quickly, but I did keep track of my word count. The final total (including this) is: 14,801. Not a patch on a NaNoWriMo 50,000.

New Picture Books read this week:

Books added to shelves:  5 second hand from Abe Books; 11 new from Barefoot Books (excludes presents) Cumulative: 493

Library books borrowed: none Cumulative: 156+

Books removed from shelves: none Cumulative: 279

Challenge books read: Oliver and the Seawigs

Year progress: 334/365 = 91.5%
Picture Book Challenge progress: 441/300 = 147.0% [completely inaccurate, loads to add]
50 Book Challenge / Read 52 progress: 55/52 = 105.8%

A reading challenge from http://liveotherwise.co.uk/makingitup

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