Our Week in Books #1

Another year, a new set of stats! I’ve slightly changed my format this year. I’m going to list the title of every book received (or series name if I get a set) and where it came from. I’m also going to write the books that I started or read some of during the week for the #Read52 challenge.

Picture books will be in a separate post on Mondays, for the #300PBs challenge, but I’ll still have stats as of Saturday for this weekly post. This is to stop the internet collapsing on itself in an infinite loop 😉

It’s also because I’ve been really surprised by the amount of interest the 300 Picture Book challenge has garnered, and think it needs its own post away from my weekly ramble on everything, book related or not.

It’s been a very slow start to the year. I’m looking forward to the children going back to school, not because I want to get rid of them, but because we really need an impetus to get up in the mornings and do things. The house is as messy as you’d expect from two weeks with children at home and an influx of new stuff so Project Declutter 2014 needs to start too.

Project Declutter is an ongoing thing. I don’t think it will ever actually end.

I am really surprised that we’ve acquired four books already this year. One was a pre-Christmas competition prize, and the others were a lovely surprise. Jo Lodge is one of my favourite author / illustrator / paper engineers, discovered when Mighty-Girl was a toddler and her books completely engage young children. Destructo-Girl hasn’t stopped reading and playing with them since they arrived.

As my eldest child is currently ‘experimenting’ with paint and the doors (“It was an experiment. To see if it would wipe off.”) I will end this week’s ramble for now. Happy New Year!

Books added to shelves:
The Gift – Carol Ann Duffy (competition prize from Redpeffer)
Up and Down: A Mr Croc Book About Opposites – Jo Lodge (from Jo Lodge)
Stomp! Little Dinosaur – Jo Lodge (from Jo Lodge)
Ride Your Tractor, Mr Croc – Jo Lodge (from Jo Lodge)
Cumulative: 4

Library books borrowed: none
Cumulative: none

Books removed from shelves: none
Cumulative: none

Read 52 books finished this week:
How to be Dead – Dave Turner
Also finished Dexter’s Final Cut – Jeff Lindsay, but in 2013
Started Noughts and Crosses – Malorie Blackman

Year progress: 4/365 = 1.1%
300 Picture Book progress: 7/300 = 2.3%
Read 52 progress: 1/52 = 1.9%

300in2014 A reading challenge from http://liveotherwise.co.uk/makingitup

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