300 Picture Books #13


Click on the badge above for details of the 300 picture books challenge and how to join in.

I’m contemplating whether to have this linky monthly rather than weekly and just updating the books I read onto the one post, and having a competition open for the month. Hmm… You can link up as many times as you like if you prefer weekly though? Let me know whether you want to keep the weekly or if monthly suits in the comments. And I will go back and comment on the link-ups from the last few weeks, thank-you for continuing to support #300PBs.

I’m going to have the monthly giveaway in this post, but I haven’t decided what books to give away yet so I’m leaving the generic info for the giveaway below and will update later. I’ll make the closing date at least a week after the time I’ve added the prize details, and keep the linky open for longer even if it overlaps next week so you have a chance to enter.

I’ll come back and update this later… 😉

I never did get back in time, so the giveaway is in Week 14

Chaos Household ‘new’ picture books read this week:


  1. Emma T

    I’d still do a weekly post (it helps with traffic to my website, there’s other link ups and it’s easier to keep track each week), but if it’s only linking up here each month, that’s fine to work with.

  2. rebeccabeesley

    I don’t get to write up as often as i’d like about our 300 books challenge so I’m happy with monthly if it makes it easier for you. We are about 80 books through but haven’t kept my pinterest board fully up to date – naughty me! I’ve been taking photos of the books we read on my camera with the intention of using it as a reminder to update pinterest at a later stage. This month is busy busy busy so I hope I’ll be able to keep up with the books! x

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