Our Week in Books #15

I seem to have a blank spot for Kindle books, so have added two I bought in previous weeks onto this week. I shouldn’t really count Kindle books against the net gain in books for the year, as it’s shelf space that I’m trying to keep from expanding. 8 Kindle books this year out of 137, and 120 books taken from the shelves so a net gain of 9. And I have 9 ready for a giveaway, so that will make a net gain of zero. Good work, me!

I am annoyingly still ill. This is a theme. I think I normally seem to be almost constantly ill for about six weeks at this time of year. It gets a bit boring. I’m on to a chest infection now. All very minor, but irritating and not helping me get anything useful done. My plan when the children go back to school is to spend a solid week blogging my heart out. I have so many reviews to write, lots already in draft format and even more still in the back of my head…

It’s still been a good week of school holidays though. Lots of different things done, time spent with people, visiting places, and only one day of constant TV. There was also a decluttering achievement due to a charity collection so I got rid of five sacks sitting in the garage. Woohoo. Ignoring the cycle of cold-related bugs I’m going through, it’s been good.

Oh, I’ve also spent far too much time updating the school website as they’ve changed to WordPress so I’m having great fun creating blog entries for past events. The only downside being that I’m doing all this extra work for free because they didn’t actually ask me to do it. Oops.

Books added to shelves:
The Testing – Joelle Charbonneau (99p Kindle on 3rd March)
Eleanor and Park – Rainbow Rowell (£1.49 Kindle on 2nd April)
Girl With A White Dog – Anne Booth (bought from Mostly Books)
The Fairytale Hairdresser and Cinderella – Abie Longstaff & (bought from Mostly Books)
Mr Men: The Big Match – Roger Hargreaves (bought from Blackwell’s)
Little Miss Naughty and the Good Fairy – Roger Hargreaves (bought from Blackwell’s)
Cumulative: 137 (£146.12)

Library books borrowed: none
Cumulative: none

Books removed from shelves: none
Cumulative: 120

Read 52 books finished this week:
The Madness Underneath – Maureen Johnson
Girl With A White Dog – Anne Booth
Eleanor and Park – Rainbow Rowell

Year progress: 102/365 = 27.9%
300 Picture Book progress: 142/300 = 47.3%
Read 52 progress: 19/52 = 36.5%

300in2014 A reading challenge from http://liveotherwise.co.uk/makingitup

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