300 Picture Books #22


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How is it June already? Technically this post should have a giveaway, but as I haven’t even posted April’s yet (sorry!!) and I haven’t reviewed any of the books that I could give away, it’s not happening. Maybe next week if this week goes to plan, as I have two father’s day books – actually, they wouldn’t arrive in time anyway. Er… I’ll have a think.

Please feel free to tweet / email / comment if I’m not following your blog and I haven’t left comments for ages. I’m really going to try this week and I’m feeling more up to it so it’s a good time to grab me! I do like to support other blogs, so am quite happy for unsubtle hints to follow Twitter / Facebook / G+ / Blog / Pinterest. I don’t really do any other social media, and I barely look at G+ or Pinterest, but I can follow 🙂

No idea where I am, or where anyone else is! I think I’ve seen a couple of people sneak towards 300 already – well done to you! ‘On track’ is 125 books, but don’t panic if you’re not there, all reading is good 🙂

Embarrassingly we haven’t been near a library yet this year. This is a bit rubbish but I shall blame the back pain I’ve been suffering with for weeks months and having to carry the books, plus the children being at school means we never really get to a library. This will probably change over the six weeks of summer holiday.

As ever, thank-you everyone who is continuing with this challenge, no matter where you are or whether you post updates or not. We’re all doing brilliantly, regardless of whether we think we are or not!

Chaos Household ‘new’ picture books read this week:

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  1. Hiya, glad to hear you’re feeling a bit better this week. My post is actually a late one for last week but we’ve finally reached the 200 books read mark after a frustrating period of the toddler rejecting anything new!
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