#BookADayUK The One I Always Give As A Gift

I usually give books as gifts. After all, what could be more fun than whiling away a rainy afternoon in my favourite indie, perusing the shelves and reading lots of blurbs? But I don’t always give the same book, because I like the fun of choosing something each time.

However, for every one of Danger Girl’s birthday, I’ve got the latest picture book in a particular series, and will continue to do so until the series finishes, whenever that may be. The first book came out just before she was one, and the fifth came out just before she was five, and we are very lucky that every single one has been signed and dedicated especially.

I may have devoted a lot of the blog to this particular bear (and given him as presents to lots of other children too) but he is very cute…

Hugless Douglas at the Chaos Household

Happy Birthday, Hugless Douglas: David Melling (Hodder Children's Books, 2014)Happy Birthday, Hugless Douglas: David Melling (Hodder Children’s Books, 2014)

This is the fifth book in the series of full length Hugless Douglas stories, and it’s a joy. It’s a very special day for Douglas, as he blows up balloons and waits for his friends. But his excitement is short-lived when his little twin cousins arrive and exuberantly take over the party. It looks like Douglas is going to have the worst birthday ever, but his friends pull together and soon all is happiness again.

I adore the cheeky twin cousins, Felix and Mash, even if they start off by ruining Douglas’ fun. They’re too cute not to like. As with all David Melling’s books, this one is packed with tiny details to look out for and features all the characters from earlier books. With new characters and old favourites appearing in every book, Hugless Douglas is a series that never fails to delight toddlers and up.

Squeak! I have just noticed the baby Douglas picture on the wall in the second spread of the book – too cute! As I’ve said, the details just keep adding to this book on every read. Hugless Douglas is a bear who will always keep a place in our hearts, and it’s been joyous watching my children grow up with him.

For Hugless Douglas fans old and new, there are also two activity and sticker books that are not to be missed (I had to buy more than one copy so that I can keep the stickers!)

Disclosure: We Love You Hugless Douglas, Hugless Douglas Finds A Hug, and My First Hugless Douglas Activity Book were received for review from Hachette Children’s Books. 

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