#BookADayUK Forgot I Owned It

There are probably several books that I’ve forgotten I own, but I can’t remember what they are… I rarely forget real books but I do find things I’ve bought on Kindle that have completely slipped my mind…

For a picture book choice, this is not a book I’ve forgotten but instead a book about forgetting.

Really and Truly - A story about dementia: Emilie Rivard & Anne-Claire Delisle (Franklin Watts, 2013)Really and Truly – A story about dementia: Emilie Rivard & Anne-Claire Delisle (Franklin Watts, 2013)

Really and Truly tells the tale of Charlie and his Grandpa. Grandpa used to tell Charlie tall tales, ending them with “Really and truly, Charlie” but now Grandpa stares out of the window of his nursing home when Charlie and his parents visit. Remembering all the lovely tales, Charlie manages to make his Grandpa smile again with his own tales. Maybe Grandpa doesn’t remember but his legacy lives on. Really and Truly is a sensitive and touching tale full of hope despite the lack of a cure for dementia.

We have been fortunate that dementia has not touched our family as yet but this is still a book that can be shared with any child whether they have experience or not, but if they have a grandparent with dementia then they may find it easier to ask questions about the Grandpa in the book than in the real world.

I wasn’t sure how DG (then 4) would take this book, but she asked for it over and over again. The made up stories illustrated with line sketches over the ‘real world’ illustrations in the book appealed to her, and she laughed at all the funny stories Grandpa and Charlie made up. She could understand that this Grandpa was unwell, but the uplifting¬†story made this a book that she could listen to over and over.

Sensitively portrayed and delightfully illustrated, this is a book that belongs in every setting and many homes. Well worth looking out for.

Disclosure: Really and Truly¬†received for review from Hachette Children’s Books

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