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I had no interest in nearly all the books I ‘studied’ in secondary school. I can’t even remember what most of them were. I didn’t mind the ones we read in the younger years, things like My Family And Other Animals, The Children of Green Knowe, Tom’s Midnight Garden, even Animal Farm, Of Mice And Men, Zuleika Dobson or A Room With A View. But I really disliked the thick heavier ‘classics’ including Silas Marner, Jane Eyre, and The Mayor of Casterbridge. I couldn’t tell you much about any of the books either, and if we were to ‘finish in our own time’, I never finished them. I was too busy reading Stephen King age 14/15 to bother with whatever was on the GCSE syllabus.

Instead, today’s choice is a book about school, more or less…

I Don't Want To Go To School: Stephanie Blake (Gecko Press, 2014)I Don’t Want To Go To School: Stephanie Blake (Gecko Press, 2014)

This is our first introduction to Simon the rabbit, star of previous books Poo Bum, Stupid Baby, and A Deal’s A Deal, and it definitely makes me want to find all the others to read (Danger Girl (5) is particularly keen on reading Poo Bum!)

This is a particularly toddler-friendly book, with bright coloured pages and an introduction to an unfamiliar situation, however it works on many more levels – the 7yo & 5yo can see younger versions of themselves in Simon, and get the humour of the last spread, and parents and carers will definitely recognise many children in Simon.

Simon’s parent’s tell Simon that he will be going to school the next day and try to alleviate his worries, but he just replies “I’m not going!” to everything they say. When the day comes, of course everything is fine (after a bit of a cry – I love that this is included, because it is okay to cry) and guess what he says when mum comes to collect him at the end of the day?!

Great fun, and lots of giggles from all of the Chaos book fans.

Disclosure: I don’t want to go to school! received for review from Gecko Press.

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