#BookADayUK Want To Be One Of The Characters

There are probably several books where I’ve wanted to be one of the characters, but I can’t think of a specific example now. Embarrassingly, I probably still want to be the female lead in a dystopian YA. These may be the in thing now, but I was writing them aged 15/16 (I shouldn’t have stopped writing, but then I wasn’t very good) which is over twenty years ago now. Cry. I like the idea of being a hero I guess, because it’s nothing like I am in real life.

Trying to think of a picture book to fit the theme, I’ve twisted it again and chosen a series where you are part of the creation process. These are not merely colouring books…

Picturaline selection

Pictura are a series of (so far) sixteen titles by some of the best illustrators working today. From Shaun Tan’s Metropolis, through John Howe’s Draconis; from Niroot Puttapipat’s Faeries, through Aleksei Bitskoff’s Monster Party; Pictura are amazing bundles of imagination that are perfect presents for any age.

They come as a little booklet made of eight connecting panels. The eight pictures work separately and connect as a whole panoramic view. On the reverse of the panels is a drawing guide related to the theme.

Most suitable from age nine and up (but talented younger artists may also enjoy), these are a treat and (for me at least) excellent relaxation therapy. With four new 8-panel books and two new sets of 12 prints out on October 1 2014, there is bound to be one to suit every taste, and they’ll make excellent Christmas presents.

Picturaline: extracts from Metropolis, Faeries, Monster Party and Hedgerow Year

Disclosure: John Howe’s Draconis and David McKee’s The Fair Comes to Town received for review from Picturaline.

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