#BookADayUK Would Save If My House Burned Down

I’m writing this exactly three months late (but backdating it so it looks like I did a full month of #bookadayuk, instead of taking four months to complete them…) and I still can’t choose just one book.

I would be utterly devastated in so many ways if my house burned down, it’s always been one of my biggest fears (I panic about it any time we’re away. I don’t like going away.), which is probably partially due to my hoarder mentality. Books are definitely a part of that. We have so many irreplaceable books. Signed books, first editions, out of print. None of them worth money to anyone, but priceless to us.

I think the first things on Mr Chaos’ list to save (assuming everyone was safe of course, and all the photos were backed up off site) would be the signed James Bond memorabilia, including signatures from several sadly deceased cast and crew.

It would have to be the signed books for me too, but we have quite a few and there isn’t exactly a ‘signed books’ section on any of the bookcases so it wouldn’t be easy to save them. I feel a bit sick just thinking about it. It really is something that affects me deeply.

But for today, I am going to cheat, and instead of a book it’s the prints and original art that I’ve been fortunate to mostly be given or won in competitions. Embarrassingly, only one has been framed (by me, badly), the rest are kept safely but really need to put up. And, after taking the picture, I realised I forgot to get one out…


#BookADayUK June 2014 complete at last! 21 on time, and three months to finish the last nine. Oops! Here’s a summary of all thirty:

ChildLedChaos #bookadayuk June 2014

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