July Update

I haven’t blogged much for a long while it feels, and I’m still working out whether I’m going to return to diary blog or just write about books all the time, but writing is therapy so please indulge my rambles.

I’ve been back on anti-depressants for six weeks, and things are on the up, although GP has just recommended I double the dose I take. A few months ago I set about half of this blog to private, and I still have 245 private posts that are likely to remain that way. I expect I’ll set this to private after a while too, but I’m dipping my toes into the water today.

I did 21 days of #bookadayuk last month and then things caught up with me. I will write the remaining nine posts and backdate them as I have the books chosen, and I need to write about them anyway. But the backlog is looking much better, and I will start accepting review book offers again.

I am slightly addicted to loom bands at the moment. I know they are the in craze, but I did hear about them last year so I don’t feel I’m too crazy. I will write about it separately soon, because I’ve worked out why I, a middle-aged mother, love them. Mighty Girl and Danger Girl aren’t so into it, but like the bracelets and charms I make for them!

I’ve spent far too much money on books recently, so need to be fugal. Or Well-Behaved, to quote the fab series of books I’ve just started.

I also talked to the GP about Mighty Girl and am getting a referral to the local Hub. I have my suspicions that she is Aspergers (she matches most of the list of traits for female Aspergers, although not as many as I do…) but my main concern is helping her with her anxiety, especially before she hits puberty! I’m going for the parenting support skills route rather than asking for her to be assessed. It may be ‘just’ anxiety, and helping her control that (and sleep better) may remove the other problems we deal with. She has no issues at school, is above average in all academic work, and is also sporty and athletic. Emotionally she lags, and I just want to support her in learning the tools to cope with life. At the moment, there is no way I’d send her to secondary school, it would crush her. But there’s four years of primary left, so we’ll see what happens.

Danger Girl is a completely different personality, and helps me not blame myself and my anxiety for Mighty Girl’s anxiety. She is very much a five year old now – independent, vocal, messy… She’s still my baby though. She’s trying so hard with reading and writing, and perhaps the glasses prescription has helped with that. She may not get the mechanics of reading until an older age than Mighty Girl, but I think she will be the reader of the two. She is constantly with a pile of books, asking for more stories, ‘reading’ as soon as she wakes (I often wake to the bottom of our bed piled with half a dozen books and DG talking to herself!)

It’s such a busy time at school at the moment. Last week was the foundation stage sport’s day (I missed it), this week was the Y1 and Y3 inductions plus foundation slideshow (I missed it), and next week is the whole school sport’s day and slideshow. I create the slideshows. They take about 10 hours of work each, and there’s two of them. I work 2 hours a week. Sigh. Ah well, hopefully I’ll get some overtime!

I missed the sport’s day and slideshow because of various appointments. I had the intro meeting with osteopath about my back pain (9 weeks and counting. Or is it 10?) and also I booked the GP appointment for the wrong time by mistake. Next week it’s the very last Aspie group meeting, and osteo, and I need to have done the slideshow, and I haven’t started, and I’m panicking.

So instead of working on the slideshow, I wrote this instead. Maybe I’ll read a book or do some loom bands now…

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  1. rebeccabeesley

    sorry to hear you’ve been having a rough time lately. thinking of you. the loom bands made me smile – my son adores them but i can’t get the hang of them at all xxx

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