Our Week in Books #36

Another week, another set of excuses why I’ve not done much blogging again. Lack of time despite children being back at school. Well, it was only a three day week, and I did tidy the cupboard under the stairs even if little else was achieved.

I really need to get a #300PBs linky up and running again, and sort out books for a giveaway, and post the new previews from Bonnier, Hachette and Little Tiger that look wonderful (so many gorgeous books coming out in the next few months…), and work on coding the new blog, and write about all the gorgeous books we have, and find all the gorgeous books we have in the first place to make sure I have them to hand (many are beside and under beds, they are being read lots!), and update Goodreads, and declutter the house, and…

So. Um. I’ve started sorting hama beads into individual colours instead of one big box of mess, and the loom bands are really well sorted, and I bought some more books from The Book People. Oh well…

Books added to shelves:
Dragon Jelly – Claire Freedman & Sue Hendra (review book from Bloomsbury)
Danny – Yann & Gwendal Le Bec (review book from Flying Eye)
Hooray for Hat – Brian Won (review book from Andersen Press)
Tin – Chris Judge (review book from Andersen Press)
Tim All Alone – Edward Ardizzone (2nd hand from school)
Tim and Lucy go to Sea – Edward Ardizzone (2nd hand from school)
Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain – Edward Ardizzone (2nd hand from school)
Meg up the Creek – Helen Nicol & Jan Pienkowski (2nd hand from school)
The King’s Equal – Katherine Paterson & Vladimir Vagin (2nd hand from school)
Opposites – PatrickGeorge (bought from WHSmith)
How to Grow a Dinosaur – Caryl Hart & Ed Eaves (bought from The Book People)
How to Catch a Dragon – Caryl Hart & Ed Eaves (bought from The Book People)
Plunge into the Pirate Pool – Caryl Hart & Ed Eaves (bought from The Book People)
Cross-Sections Castle – Stephen Biesty (bought from The Book People)
How to Find a Fruit Bat – Michelle Robinson & Lauren Tobia (bought from The Book People)
Oxford Primary Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling Dictionary – OUP (bought from The Book People)
Hubble Bubble, Granny Trouble – Tracey Corderoy & Joe Berger (bought from The Book People)
Whizz Pop, Granny Stop – Tracey Corderoy & Joe Berger (bought from The Book People)
Spells-a-Popping, Granny’s Shopping – Tracey Corderoy & Joe Berger (bought from The Book People)
Winnie’s Big Bad Robot – Valerie Thomas & Korky Paul (bought from The Book People)
Rubber Band Loom Bracelets – Lucy Hopping (bought from The Book People)
Cumulative: 404 (£561.20)

Library books borrowed: none
Cumulative: 21

Books removed from shelves: none (9 still to post)
Cumulative: 130

Read 52 books finished this week:
Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse – Chris Riddell

Year progress: 249/365 = 68.2%
300 Picture Book progress: 250?/300 = 83.3?%
Read 52 progress: 53/52 = 101.9% (38/52 = 73.1%)

300in2014 A reading challenge from http://liveotherwise.co.uk/makingitup

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