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I’m not a particularly clean and tidy person. I’d much rather spend time doing something I find interesting than doing housework. I find most things more interesting than housework! But I would like to live in a tidier house.

When I say this, the response I get from most people is “you don’t want to live in a show home,” and they’re right, that’s not what I’m aiming for. But I also don’t want to live somewhere that is as cluttered and messy as my brain is. It would be nice to find coming home a sanctuary, not a stress.

Mentally I’ve been so up and down that even though I’ve done lots, I’ve never finished, and I want that to change. So this week I changed the garage from this:

The garage. This week's #projectchaos Eek.

to this:

Not entirely where I want to be, but definitely Good Enough. How many bikes?!

Definitely not a show home, but more accessible and sorted. This is good.

It’s the second year that I have two children in full time education, so I feel like I ought to have achieved something in the last year, but both mental and physical health did put decluttering and tidying on the back burner for a while.

Before I did my back in, I got the lounge looking like this:


I have a secret weapon on my side though. I was lucky enough to win a place on My Organized Chaos two years ago, and whenever my health allows, I can use the tips and tricks from the course to get me on track to where I want to be again.

My Organized Chaos has been completely overhauled this year, and re-opens in October. I thoroughly recommend signing up. The price includes lifetime access, which means two years on I’m still receiving supportive comments from Jo and the MOC group when I feel overwhelmed.

Having non-judgemental, emotionally unattached feedback is a godsend, and knowing that I can go back to the course whenever I need to means that even when life throws a spanner in the way, there isn’t a deadline before you lose course access.

My Organized Chaos isn’t just about the home, that’s just my personal focus at present, it covers three main areas: Mama, Home, and Kids. Jo is running free training sessions now, and has a free to join Facebook group for Moms That Rock, so you can get a taster of what she can do for you.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the kids, the mess, and not having time for yourself, I recommend you have a peek at the free offerings. The full course is even better, and set up to fit individual requirements.

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