Lazy Cooking

I’m a very lazy cook. I really can’t see the point of spending hours every day preparing meals. For me, life it just too short. Any meal that involves more than 30 minutes of my time will rarely happen.

I am far too slow at preparing vegetables and grating cheese to enjoy the process, and although many people scoff at the use of pre-grated cheese, ready made mashed potatoes, and prepared vegetables, they are my essentials.

We’ve not owned a microwave for several years, we can go for many months without take away food – although to be honest, we’ve been terribly naughty recently – and we don’t have desserts often so actually (most of the time) we eat fairly healthily.

Recently with my depression playing up, and relying on school dinners to feed my children healthily, I’ve not been making much more than sandwiches or pasta. But changes in the school dinner menu have meant that my children end up discarding most of their lunches so I’m going back to packed lunches and cooked weekday meals.

To help me along, I’m starting a series of sharing some of our lazy meals, and my progress at getting back into meal planning.

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