Seven Reasons Why I’ll Never Be A Number One Blogger

With both my children in full time schooling, I really need to think about getting more paid work. I’m happy with my two hours at school, but extra income would come in very handy. The thought of returning to work terrifies me, and I’m not sure that I’m well enough to cope with working in an office at the moment.

Like many other bloggers, I’d like to make some income from blogging so I went to the money making sessions at Blogfest 2014. Putting aside that I don’t put enough time into this blog, don’t spend enough time commenting, don’t join in linkies, don’t push myself on social media, don’t reply to PR requests that don’t interest me, and have periods of intense anxiety where I set most of my posts to private…

Ignoring all that, here’s why I’ll never be a number one blogger:

1. I don’t want to use titles like “You’ll never guess what my daughter thought of this product!” or “Four hundred and eighty one ways to decorate your pets for Christmas!” so obviously my viewing stats will never grow.

2. I’m rubbish at adding pictures to posts, and even when I do my own photos are rubbish so obviously my viewing stats will never grow.

3. I can’t make my brain think like other people think so obviously… Okay I’ll stop now.

4. I don’t want to write content to suit other people. At Blogfest it was mentioned several times that fashion and beauty have huge followings. But if everyone writes about fashion and beauty, where are the blogs for the rest of us who have no interest in fashion or beauty?

5. And on that note, gift lists for people-who-have-nothing-in-common-with-each-other-except-age-or-gender really annoy me. I’ve been seeing “gift lists for mums” and nothing on there suits me, or my mum. Your perfume, jewellery, and cook books are not of interest to my 73 year old mother whose favourite hobby is reading Regency romances or serial killer thrillers.

6. Someone could really tap into an undiscovered market if they wrote about a sympathetic serial killer set in Regency England with a side order of romance. Just saying.

7. Getting side-tracked. Keeping a single post on one topic is so hard when your brain goes in so many directions at once, let alone having a niche for an entire blog. The only way I’d be a number one blogger is if I made a blog so niche that I was the only person in the category (“…and the prize for blogs called Child-Led Chaos is…”)

8. My titles don’t always describe the post content in a sensible way.

So I’m never going to be number one. I guess I need to find a job then. Any ideas?

I was inspired to reframe this post as a numbered list after reading Tales from the Motherland’s 9 Reasons Numbered Lists Bug the Sh!t Out of Me.

3 responses to “Seven Reasons Why I’ll Never Be A Number One Blogger

  1. Not everyone can and wants to be a top blogger. You write about what you love and enjoy, stick with it unless you really are going to push the financial side. With half-hearted push to the financial side you’ll just be miserable writing content that you don’t enjoy reading yourself.
    This comment, as I write it, is at the level of a badge in the sidebar: Blog with integrity. That’s how I know your blog to be.
    Monika recently posted..A most magical Christmas…best sort the next one.My Profile

  2. I love the tongue in cheeky attitude of this post… of course, in my neighborhood, it’s called sarcasm, and you probably noticed that I am no stranger to it. 😉 I agree with Monika: write what you love; the rest will follow. I truly believe that. I write what I have to say, and I try very hard to leave the filters at the door. Authenticity means a lot. Clever post, and thank you for sharing my link.
    Dawn recently posted..Friday Fictioneers: Thanksgiving Far From HomeMy Profile

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