Full Moon

Technically not a full moon tonight, but looked like it. We were walking back from one of the (seemingly never ending) after school Christmas-related events, just after 7pm so it’s quite dark. MG (7) was walking between me and her dad, DG (5) was walking between her grandparents a few steps ahead, and the following conversation happened:

Mr Chaos: Look at the moon, is that full? There might be werewolves.

MG: I’m scared of werewolves.

Me: Don’t worry, you’re the fastest, just let them eat us and run for safety.

Mr Chaos: There’s probably vampires too.

Me: <carries on thinking>

MG: I don’t like werewolves or vampires, or trees in the dark.

Mr Chaos: <rustles some branches>

MG: <jumps>

Mr Chaos: Sorry <looks suitably penitent>

Me: Basically, only you and Daddy have any chance. You both have long legs. Grandma, Grandpa, MG, and me will definitely be werewolf fodder. But you have a chance…

Mr Chaos: They must be nearly old enough for some Hammer Horrors soon?

MG: Can you swing me?

Luckily we didn’t bump into any werewolves or vampires this time, or get too injured with swinging the tall seven year old between us (I’m too short for her now!)

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