Duvet Day

This morning went something like this: my alarm goes off at 7am, I ignore it, I stare at my phone for a bit to try to get my brain going, the children crawl into bed and fidget, I realise it’s 8am and we have 30 minutes to get ready but I don’t care.

I don’t care most mornings. I don’t want to drag myself out of bed, into the cold, after repeatedly reminding two children to do the same things they’re supposed to do every single morning but apparently forget.

Wash face. Brush teeth. Socks on. Shoes on. Coat on. Jumper on first. Did you brush your hair? Where did you leave your shoes then?

This morning, Mr Chaos was quite ill. And I felt like crud as usual. And MG (7) looked pale, was coughing, and didn’t seem well at all. Then DG (5) shouted “I’m poorly!” repeatedly and refused to get dressed because MG seemed ill.

I managed to convince them both to get dressed, but MG looked even worse and just curled up under a blanket with toast and milk. And neither of them ate their advent calendar chocolate. And DG still shouted “I’m poorly!” and there was no way I could carry her all the way to school with the way I was feeling, and she is so stubborn that she regularly just stops walking and refuses to go anywhere.

So I told the school we were all ill.

Then by 11.30am, both children were bouncing around the house and DG was shouting “please can I go to school?!” having realised that a day at home with two sick parents was really, really boring.

I’d slept most of the morning. Mr Chaos spent most of it in the smallest room. MG and DG had been wonderful. They made craft flowers together, and played games, and watched TV, and were quiet and self contained for two hours, but that was their limit.

Fortunately the grandparents came to the rescue. They picked up our daughters, fed them lunch, dropped them at school in time for afternoon registration, picked them up, fed them tea, and took them to DG’s nativity play in the evening (which I’d seen yesterday but Mr Chaos is gutted to have missed), dropping them home just in time for bed.

I slept until about 2.30pm, did some laundry, the dishwasher, put the online grocery shop away, put the recycling out, and basically felt a whole lot better for not having to do the school runs, and having extra child-free hours. Mr Chaos managed a bit of soup this evening, but is back in bed now.

As I read DG her bedtime stories she said, “Can we go back to school tomorrow?”

I think we can chalk that one up to huge parenting fail number several million and something. Tomorrow is another day.

P.S. I recommend everyone to read Merry’s post today. Her description of ‘improper depression’ is spot on.

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  1. Ah, but there’s several million and something parental successes still under your belt. You’re allowed to have off days. It’s hard not to feel beaten when you feel crap though isn’t it. I think it’s the dark nights and the dark mornings, combined with wet windy school runs that make people feel especially like this. You are ok though, you’re doing great. Honest. xxxxx
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  2. How was that a huge parenting fail? You were both ill, and your children have lovely grandparents and a renewed enthusiasm for school! I hope you both feel better asap xx

  3. Good gracious – that’s not a fail at all! I think most parents (including us) have been in that situation where we keep kids home thinking they are iller than they are (they are very good at appearing that way) only for them to bounce back miraculously within a short space in time. I think actually you can count this as a success – they wanted to go back to school! That’s a great achievement. I hope you’re all feeling better soon – I am also battling a nasty lurgy and feeling rubbish. The duvet is the best place to be. 🙂
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  4. I have off days, I just have to think I can not simply do everything

  5. Seconding all the comments that hail that as a success. The girls needed that quiet time by the sound of it, and then they realised how much they actually enjoy school. Win!

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