Unwanted After School Activities

I’m sure I’m depriving my poor darlings of many opportunities by not signing them up to zillions of external after school classes, but the fact of the matter is I don’t drive and I have limited social energy so dragging kids on buses all over the place every evening just isn’t an option.

Besides, their tiny school does pretty well for after school clubs, even if they’re not as snazzy or well equipped as specialist clubs might be. So we have our routines, and we have help retrieving one child when the other child is ready to drop and doesn’t want to walk to and from somewhere to collect her sister.

But Christmas is different, and now Mighty Girl is in Year 3 and Danger Girl in Year 1, it’s been even more packed with after school commitments. Which, as I’m going through a period of quite bad depression, has been quite hellish.

I know many people do things after school as standard, but usually they do have cars to help. It’s dark by 4pm, it’s cold, and we have to walk everywhere, so this diary has not been fun:

Thursday 4th – see Thursday 11th, but in-laws collected MG as Mr Chaos at work.

Friday 5th – School Christmas Fair 5-7pm, both children attending and I went with them. Fortunately managed to convince them to leave at 6.30 as friends were leaving, otherwise it really drags at the end. Or after about 10 minutes in my case. And I was down to my last 80p at the time we left anyhow.

Monday 8th – Gym club for MG & DG finishing 4.15, back to school for 6pm for ‘Christmas Hour’, a mix of mini plays and poems that both girls were in.

Tuesday 9th – MG at friends’ after school, which she should have gone to the week before. Fortunately Mr Chaos can get home early from work to pick her up at 6pm, otherwise DG & I would have to bus there and back to get her.

Wednesday 10th – DG’s Nativity at 6pm. Although that ended up being taken care of by in-laws as we were ill.

Thursday 11th – MG at Art Club until 4pm, then Brownies at 5.30pm. This has been a nightmare all term, as by the time DG & I get home there’s about 20 minutes before we have to pick MG up (and DG will go very stubborn about going out again); then we have an hour before dropping MG off again (and DG will get stubborn about leaving, because she wants to stay at Brownies all the time.) Normally MG’s godmother (and Brownie leader) drives MG back at 7.30pm but she’s on a well-deserved holiday so Mr Chaos had to get back from work to pick her up, and Thursdays are a day he has an evening meeting every week so he’s back and forth to do that, but otherwise DG would have had to do four back-and-forth walks instead of three, which I usually have to carry her on because she gets fed up. I’m not a fan of Thursdays!

Friday 12th – MG’s after school disco at 6pm. Again Mr Chaos got back from work early in order to pick her up at 7.30pm so I didn’t have to drag DG out yet again.

Monday 15th – MG to Youth Club disco with friend. Fortunately no back-and-forth to drop her off with DG this time because MG went went home with friend after school. Disco 6-8pm. Phone call at 7.25pm because MG couldn’t take the noise and busyness of the disco any more. She basically sat in a corner the rest of the time anyway. I’m really proud of how she went to both discos though. Fortunately Mr Chaos was home in time.

Tuesday 16th – KS2 carol service, 6pm. MG is Mary in this one apparently. At least we can stay to this one, although not sure if Mr Chaos can get home in time.

Mr Chaos is the website department for an Oxford college, which involves creating all the content including photos and video and at this time of year he has lots of evening events to attend, which has made things even harder. Plus me being in a slump of depression adds even more strain.

MG and DG are exhausted. Mr Chaos is exhausted. I’m exhausted. We’re late to school every morning. I’m looking forward to the end of term…

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