Our Week in Books #1 2015

I used to do ‘Our Week in Books’ posts on a Saturday (or Sunday), but I’m moving to Wednesdays to fit in with the year and because I usually have more time to blog on weekdays than on weekends.

The first week of 2015 is almost complete, and I think I shall spend the rest of the year much like I did last year, asking “How did it go so quickly?!” Although maybe this year I’ll be more mindful and not have the year rush by so fast.

With my youngest child now five-and-a-half, although we still read lots of picture books, she’s now interested in listening to chapter books over several nights so we’re starting there. The almost-eight year old has also decided to listen to the longer books, and input into which ones are read, so after two years of her avoiding story time because she can read herself, I’m getting to read to both girls again. Which is lovely.

This does mean that we might not read picture books every day, so I’m not committing to 300 picture books this year, but we’ll see how we go! Jax at Making it Up is running the 300 picture books challenge for 2015.

Therefore I’ve slightly altered the format of my week updates, and my Goodreads challenge of 156 books this year is split into 52 books for me (over 150 pages, longer than an hour to read, including read alouds if they are longer); 52 picture books (I’m sure we’ll do lots more); and 52 short reads (either read aloud or to myself). So although 156 looks less than my usual 352 challenge, the books are longer.

I’m also not putting every book received onto Goodreads, but onto my spreadsheet for personal tracking, but will add review books because I need extra reminders to get them written 😉

Again my aim for the year is to make a net gain of zero books. I have about 25 ready to go to charity, and will make a big picture book cull this year (cry!) because we do not have the space or means to store all these books. Gaining around 400 books each year is not sustainable long term. Much as I’d like a big house with a library, it’s never going to happen, and life is too short to keep hold of things that aren’t used. (More crying!) Being a hoarder at heart, this isn’t going to be easy, but I will try very hard.

Lots of boring ramble there, of no interest to anyone but me really but there we go 😉

Our Week in Books in Numbers
Year progress: 7/365 = 1.9%
Read 52: 0/52 = 0.0%
Picture books: 3/52 = 5.7%
Short reads: 1/52 = 1.9%

Books reviewed: none

Books read (excl picture books):
Baby Aliens Got My Teacher – Pamela Butchart (read aloud)

Books added to shelves:
The Naming of Tishkin Silk – Glenda Millard (review book from Phoenix Yard)
Layla Queen of Hearts – Glenda Millard (review book from Phoenix Yard)
My So-Called Life – Joanne Nadin (bought from Poundland)
Cumulative: 3 (£1)

Library books borrowed: none
Cumulative: none

Books removed from shelves: none
Cumulative: none

A reading challenge from http://liveotherwise.co.uk/makingitup

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