How to depress an autistic

“Were all on the autistic spectrum somewhere. I know exactly how you feel. You just need to try harder.”

Just no.

I try hard every single day. That’s why I’m constantly exhausted.

I’m not lazy. I’m autistic.

I don’t have the words right now. There’s an excellent Tony Attwood video going round at the moment. I hope lots of people watch it.

3 responses to “How to depress an autistic

  1. Did someone say that to you?? Gah. Hugs.
    jax recently posted..Tony Attwood on autism in females – my thoughts.My Profile

  2. Maybe we need to draft one to the Dutch and to Network Solutions, while we are at it. Ha. Gee Whiz, I didn’t know it was a CRIME to stir up Muslim indignation. But if you ask me, it should be a crime for a politician to betray his own country and heritage by cowardice.

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