Clothes Don’t Bring Me Joy

konmariI’d heard about Marie Kondo and her method, but having a personal recommendation carried more weight (given who recommended it) so after looking at the huge library waiting list I decided to buy the book.

There are good parts to this book. I definitely couldn’t follow the method exactly, but there are good points on changing your mindset to think about what you’re keeping rather than what you’re discarding.

She lost me at the point where she carelessly tore pages out of books (which she then also discarded, in her defence years later when she realised she hadn’t looked at them) but later on we made up when she said that different people got joy from different things so a book lover, for example, would keep more books. I also found it a tad sexist in its description of feminine, but that could be a cultural thing.

But I’m finding it hard to motivate me to start decluttering, because she starts with the category of clothes. Clothes bore me. It makes sense, going from less emotional things to more emotional as you work through decluttering, but I need something a bit more interesting than clothes to start me off. Besides, if I chose clothes purely from whether I felt joy when I held them, I’d have none left.

Clothes are functional. They have a purpose. I have shoes for wet, cold, and all-year and replace them once they’ve got holes through the soles. I only replace my clothes when they are no longer wearable. I don’t want to go through clothes. At the end of it I’d be so bored I’d never start on anything else. I don’t get fashion.

So I think I’ll just take a couple of ideas from the book, and keep trying to work out a method that works for me.

The book is worth reading if you live in a cluttered house and don’t want to, and it’s a very speedy read. But I wish I’d been more patient with the library waiting list, as another book would have brought me more joy!

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  1. Thank you for the useful review, think I’ve probably learnt enough of the method to get me going, I’ll refrain from purchasing!
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