10,000 Things

I’ve written regularly about the amount of clutter in our house and all the attempts to sort it out, which have invariably failed because of impaired executive function. But now I know that my executive function is impaired, I can work with that. Using a Bullet Journal has definitely helped, and I’m actually working towards my goals most of the time.

In one of my “try to work out what to do next” / daydreaming moments I had the idea to release 10,000 things before the end of this year.

Why 10,000? It’s a number plucked from thin air but it’s also probably realisable, albeit challenging. In order to have any chance of hitting 10,000 there has to be leeway in the definition of “a thing”. So for example I will count every piece of a puzzle or game, every sheet of separate paper, every pencil or crayon; but not every page of a book or magazine, or every teeny item like sequins or Hama beads 😉

My other self-imposed rule is that day to day rubbish and recycling don’t count towards the goal. Rubbish and recycling from hoarded boxes do count, that’s part of the point.

I’ve seen these challenges elsewhere but I’m not joining in with a community for this, it’s just extra motivation for me to do the decluttering I need to anyhow.

The most challenging part will probably be remembering to count everything!

I’ve no idea whether 10,000 is a ridiculous aim or not, but I may as well aim high.

The challenge starts now. I’ll keep you updated 🙂


One response to “10,000 Things

  1. I like this idea. It is a big number, good luck with it. Clutter control is something I really struggle with and always have. I feel irritated when other people leave their clutter laying around, but when I actually look around me, almost all of it is mine. And I just can’t get on top of it. I found a bullet journal too complicated for me, but I adapted the concept into just an ordinary daily to-do list with tick-boxes and that worked to an extent, in terms of getting other things done, but even if I just put on there “throw one thing out”, I would find myself not doing it, and putting it off. Kind of like it was too much effort. I’m wondering now if it wasn’t explicit enough. Maybe it should have said “throw THIS thing out”, with “this” being a specific object. But then I don’t know how to choose which thing. Aargh.

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