May Wrap Up

May wasn’t a great reading month for me, I was in a bit of a slump. It took me two weeks to read The Gospel of Loki even though I loved it! I finished six books, although technically I DNF’d The Vanishing of Audrey Wilde.

These are the books I finished in May:

Quality over quantity this month with The Gospel of Loki, The Testament of Loki and My Box Shaped Heart being wonderful.

The Gospel of Loki – A re-imagined version of Norse Mythology, told from the perspective of Loki. I found this far more readable and enjoyable than Gaiman’s Norse Mythology, and felt like I learnt more. Harris has taken liberties with the original texts, but they are only fragments written from a Christian viewpoint, and I utterly respect that she learnt ancient Icelandic so she could make her own translation of the Eddas, so her version is much closer to the oldest texts available. Loki is of course wonderful, and hilarious.

The Testament of Loki – It’s not necessary to read The Gospel of Loki before The Testament of Loki if you have a vague knowledge of Norse Mythology, but it’s worth it. The Testament of Loki jumps from the mythology to modern times, providing a bridge to Runemarks. I’ve not read Runelight to see what happens next, but I really need to. The entire Rune series is wonderful, and I’m branching out into more of Harris’ writing. Received via NetGalley, and I bought in hardback.

My Box-Shaped Heart – Racheal Lucas’ second YA novel, and although not as appealing to me as The State of Grace, it was a heartwarming read I thoroughly enjoyed. Received via NetGalley, and I bought in paperback.

The Vanishing of Audrey Wilde – DNF’d at page 81. I didn’t care for the modern day female character and wasn’t interested in the history. I read some spoiler reviews to see if I’d care what happened, but I didn’t. Received via NetGalley.

Mary, Queen of Scots – a short funny read of historical facts, a read aloud for my 9yo who loves history.

Moon Mourning – second in the prequel series for Samantha Moon. Now the origin tale is told, I can’t see me bothering with this spin-off if there are more in the series.

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