Okay, I’m not really going to blog every day in November, it’s already the fifth. But I want to try to catch up on my bloggyness a bit more.

Hello, how are you? It’s been another three months. Oops. I’m currently at the point in the year where my mood usually dips into depression but not doing too badly this time. Yet. I’ve been reading Ryder Carroll’s Bullet Journal Method book which has been inspiring me to think about what I want to do in life. I can’t work towards goals if I’m not sure where I’m going. But I can’t set goals if I don’t know what I like.

And I’m lost there. I’m not sure what I enjoy (other than reading) and what I want to be doing with my time, and what I want to do in general. I know my commitments and what I think I should be doing, but still stuck on the what I want to be doing.

So I’ve written down a bunch of questions to think about in my BuJo, and signed up for a free FutureLearn course because one of the things I know I do want is to use my brain more.

Of course, then I spent ages browsing FutureLearn and Coursera because I didn’t know what I wanted to learn about. I’ve chosen An Introduction to Children’s Visual Culture because it includes picture books and comics, is only four weeks long, and only estimated three hours per week.

It was a close call between that and Build Your First Mobile Game, but that was a longer commitment and I’m not sure I’m up for it at the moment. However, I’ll probably enjoy it more because I really want to get back into coding. I’m so rusty now, six years out from last working in an IT environment. I also find it amusing that the course is partly taught by one of my old bricks-and-mortar university lecturers.

I probably should have gone for the techy course, but I also want to do picture book reviews again so it will be interesting to learn more about visual culture. Hopefully I’ll stick the course out. I’ve started three MOOCs before, and never finished any of them. Oh well.

Hopefully more blogs to follow shortly. I’ve got my July, August, September, and October wrap-ups to complete for a start. Although given my previous form, see you in four months…

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  1. Welcome back! Even if only briefly. I thought I might try to NaBloPoMo this month and got off to a good start, but faded quickly! It is a great excuse though to get some drafts published – some of which have been sitting in the draft box for six years or more!

  2. Welcome back,you are awesome.

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