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World Book Day 2014 £1 Picture Books

World Book Day 2014 Picture Books

It’s (UK) World Book Day on Thursday, and as always there are a wonderful selection of £1 books available. You can see the full range on the World Book Day website.

I love the concept of £1 books. We generally use the £1 vouchers that Mighty Girl and Danger Girl get from school against other books, and buy a selection of the £1 range too. The very first WBD £1 book I ever bought was a Garth Nix, Creature in the Case, which was before I’d even heard of World Book Day (or had children…) The first one I waited for was Neil Gaiman’s Odd and the Frost Giants (MG was a year old, DG didn’t exist…)

All that is entirely irrelevant, but is slight background as to how I skipped (not literally) into my local indie bookshop (Mostly Books) on Friday to grab this year’s picture book selection.

Hello, Hugless Douglas is a half-pint-sized morsel of Douglas’ world packed with favourite characters from the books (rabbit, the sheep, the funny bunnies – they’ll be staring in their own board books later in the year) following Douglas through his day from waking up to going to bed. Small it may be, lacking in detail it is not. Full of Mr Melling’s wit and humour, and with a couple of new hugs in the included ‘hug gallery’ at the back, this is an essential purchase for all toddlers, pre-schoolers (and mums, dads…) Grab a handful and stash them everywhere: perfect amusement for mornings, lunchtimes, bus journeys, waiting rooms, and snuggling up for bedtimes full of hugs.

Emily Gravett’s Little Book Day Parade is an interactive mini-book encouraging children to grab some colouring in materials and help create the dressing up costumes for a variety of familiar Emily Gravett characters. The pictures are too lovely to draw over, so it’s a good thing these are only £1 and I you can buy some more… Great for filling in moments of boredom – just add crayons, pencils, pens…

Both books would also be excellent party bag fillers – a Hugless Douglas party or a Dressing-Up party, which would you prefer?

Please support your local independent bookseller on World Book Day this year, and don’t forget they take on the full cost of the WBD vouchers so buy as many books as you can afford. There are now less than 1000 independent bookshops left in the UK, it would be a tragedy if we lost any more.