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Friday Pick{ture Book} #2: Haunted House

Haunted House: Jan Pienkowski
(Walker Books, 1980, 2005)

It’s Friday 13th so a spooky choice this week! This was one of my birthday presents last year that I begged for in a fit of nostalgia 😆

 “No, I don’t have many visitors.”

I don’t think we had a copy of this book in the house when I was younger (and I grew up in a house packed with books) but I must have read this at school or from the library. I was 5 when it was published, so I would have been older than that when I read played with it!

This really is a classic must-have book by the amazingly talented Jan Pienkowski. You could share it with younger children but as I like my pop-up books to stay in one piece, I prefer it to be left until 5+. Besides, as I said, this is one of my books!

What can I say? This isn’t a book to be read so much as played with. It consists of six spooky double-paged spreads. There’s some text, but it doesn’t matter what it says particularly, this book is all about pulling tabs and opening doors and turning wheels and monsters popping out at you. An utterly perfect pop-up book. Not for the faint hearted of course, but we don’t have those in the Chaos household 😉

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