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Our Week in Books #51 & #52

Technically there’s a few days until the end of the year, and if any of the numbers change I’ll update the figures below. It looks like I achieved my 52 books this year, but I know several of them were really too small to count so it’s not quite there. However there were several occasions where I didn’t read for weeks at a time, so it’s not too bad going whatever the ‘real’ total should have been.

Not quite 500 picture books read, but I think that’s more due to lack of updating Goodreads than not getting there, so I’m counting it as 500! I’ve certainly lost track of everything at several points in the year…

Over 500 books gained over the year, but almost 300 given away too so a net gain of a little over 200 books. Still too much really, and a cull is in order *sniffles* I’m not going to go mad with getting rid of books though, because we are a booky house.

I have updated Goodreads as best as I could with the last however-many-weeks of missed updates. I will have missed several. I used the Goodreads app to scan a pile of 70 books, but only about half were found by ISBN. Most of the rest I found searching by name, and the final half dozen or so I manually entered.

I’ve been failing on reading books to the children over the last few weeks. I dislike reading aloud, so any time I’m not feeling my best I avoid it so I’ve been avoiding it a lot. On a good week I’ll read more than thirty picture books, on a bad one less than five.

I really ought to try reading longer stories over several nights, but MG and DG complain when there are no pictures. Perhaps they are like me, not very aural so don’t enjoy listening as much. I’ve not tried them on story CDs either – they only like ones with animations so far.

I plan to continue this weekly(ish) update for 2014 as it’s a nice record, and it encourages me to force myself to read even when I don’t always feel like it. I’m keeping the same goals: 300 picture books and 52 books for me. I think I might set up the 300 picture books challenge as a linky or something, as the original challenge I entered disappeared after a couple of months. Hmmm…

A lot of that is repetition of my last ramble, but I’m confirming it to myself. I’ll probably repeat myself again in my end of year / start of year posts too 🙂

New Picture Books read this week: too many to add

Books added to shelves:  2 second hand, 1 new Mostly books, 6 review books, 16 Christmas presents (not already counted) Cumulative: 519

Library books borrowed: none Cumulative: 156+

Books removed from shelves: 5 Cumulative: 299

Challenge books read: My Animals and Other Family

Year progress: 363/365 = 99.5%
Picture Book Challenge progress: 473/300 = 157.7%
50 Book Challenge / Read 52 progress: 57/52 = 109.6%

A reading challenge from http://liveotherwise.co.uk/makingitup

Our Week in Books #49 & #50

Eek, there’s a 50 in the title. Not long until the end of the year. Two weeks? That can’t be right?! Well, not quite, but three weeks from now will be 4th January so I will be doing Week #1 2014 (assuming I continue, and I was planning to…)

Goodreads blah blah blah as always. No idea if I’ll have a chance to complete it before the end of the year, I will have to try to find a slot somewhere when the children are off school.

I haven’t achieved as much as I wanted in the last two weeks. The first week was so busy, and I didn’t manage to finish the two gift book posts I meant to fit in. So they were supposed to be done this week but I’ve been ill and done nothing 🙁 I did manage to catch up the 4hrs I owed work (I only work 2hrs a week and can’t manage that) because it was fairly mindless, but I had a head cold so concentrating enough to put a post together wasn’t happening. I am so annoyed with myself about that because I wanted it up before people were likely to have bought Christmas presents and any time from now on seems too late really. Blah. I will still write them, because I have all the books ready.

I did tweet the bulk of my book recommendations, and my biggest ‘influence’ is twitter, but it’s not quite the same as writing a proper post that people can refer to, and I don’t know how many people I reached at the time I tweeted. So all in all a total review fail, especially as I asked for most of these books for review 🙁

I also wanted to get a super dooper giveaway post up, but I can’t prepare it until I’ve reviewed all the books. So that’s not happened, and I don’t know whether to put it up before Christmas or after now, because there is no way I’ll be able to post things to get to people by Christmas and I don’t want to get stressed over any expectation that I would be able to do that, so it’s probably better to leave it until later.

I’m planning my picture books of the year post too. These will be my personal choices, and possibly not the ones literature experts will choose but I figure we’ve got through about 500 books this year and around 200 were published this year so that makes us experts too in our own way. It will be completely biased and full of our favourite authors and illustrators of course, because it will be our favourites!

I feel that I did achieve my book challenges this year, even if they weren’t quite as ‘good’ as I wanted, and I’m going to continue with the same challenges next year of 300 picture books and 52 books for me. I’m not upping the numbers as I think they are reasonable challenges for us and making it, for example, 500 picture books and 75 books for me will just make it stressful and unenjoyable.

One more school week left to fit in all the jobs I want to get out of the way before I have no childfree time for a fortnight. I’m looking forward to the school break for a change because it’s only two weeks, we’re not planning to invite people over so the house can be messy, I’ll have plenty of time for tidying when they’re back at school next year and (most importantly) they are getting tired and grotty so lazy mornings with no dragging them out of the house for school will be much appreciated. They will then get bored with 2 weeks at home and be glad to be back at school! I am not looking forward to the coldness of January and February walking to and from school though.

I’m not sure what to do with this blog next year. I have all sorts of things I want to do, and I really want to start getting back into paid employment. Rambling is a form of therapy, but I’d also like to have a book-only blog to separate bookish things from blogging things. I’m not sure I’ll write much in the way of parenting in the future with the age my children are now so child-led chaos doesn’t really suit but I don’t know if I should change it or not.

Ramble ramble ramble…

New Picture Books read this week:

Books added to shelves: 1 new from Kickstarter Cumulative: 494

Library books borrowed: none Cumulative: 156+

Books removed from shelves: 15 (12 to be collected by courier) Cumulative: 294

Challenge books read: S. by JJ Abrams & Doug Dorst

Year progress: 348/365 = 95.3%
Picture Book Challenge progress: 441+/300 = 147.0%
50 Book Challenge / Read 52 progress: 56/52 = 107.1%

A reading challenge from http://liveotherwise.co.uk/makingitup 

Our Week in Books #48

I’ve not updated Goodreads, and this definitely won’t happen next week either as it’s a packed week. I’m not sure how I’m going to fit everything in, and what bits I’m going to have to give up on. It’s DG’s nativity, there’s two performances during school time of an hour each and she’d like me to go to both. DG’s foundation unit are having an open morning, and I’d really like to see them all in action so I want to go. I’ve got an eye test booked. I have to go to the post office in town (village one shut down a couple of months ago) to post parcels to family for xmas (one in Ireland, both contain belated birthday gifts too) plus books I’ve promised to send people. It’s the school Christmas Fair on Friday and I’m sort-of involved if they tell me what to do – I have books to wrap for the Father Christmas grotto gifts, and raffle tickets to fold probably. And my two hours of paid work, plus four hours I owe from the last three months. And I have a review and giveaway I’ve not written, a roundup of gift books x2 that I wanted to do in November (bit late) and a huge giveaway post that I need to get posted this week – each of which will take between 1 and 4hrs to prepare. I am a slow writer, and getting pictures and words in the right order does take time. And I need to put up all the toddler toys we have to sell, which also should have been done in November, in the hope that they’ll get bought for xmas presents. Gift idea posts and selling is a bit late after the first week of December as many people have already finished shopping then. Oh, and it’s technically our anniversary, but that’s now the anniversary of losing my dad (another book review I *have* to do for that date) so I might be feeling a teeny bit down on top of completely stressed from trying to fit about 32 hours work into the 28 child-free hours that I actually have. And I’ve probably forgotten other stuff I was supposed to have done already too. And no, I can’t work in the evenings, especially not on school nights. With children that are up until 9pm, and full on when they’re around, anything other than laundry and cooking is almost impossible to do when they’re around.

That was a bit of a paragraph and a half. It’s no wonder I can’t remember anything. I wrote the Frustrations post, and a few hours later had a lovely private message asking after me and it took me several minutes to work out why they would be worried. My wonderful executive function in action. And I did forget something already. There’s an aspie drop-in session on Monday that I was thinking about going to again too. That’s definitely out then…

I got frustrated that I haven’t finished a book for ages so read Oliver and the Seawigs today. It was great fun. I got it from the library but I’m really tempted to buy a copy. I’ll check whether MG likes the look of it. MG could read chapter books but she likes books with pictures, highly illustrated books like Oliver and the Seawigs are a perfect compromise.

S. is taking me ages to slog through. I guess it’s just not my kind of thing. I was never a literature student and the entire premise just seems a bit silly. I want to finish it though, having put so much time in already, and it’s interesting enough. It’s just a long read for me, and not wowing me particularly.

Blah blah boring blah…

Blogging every day in November fell apart fairly quickly, but I did keep track of my word count. The final total (including this) is: 14,801. Not a patch on a NaNoWriMo 50,000.

New Picture Books read this week:

Books added to shelves:  5 second hand from Abe Books; 11 new from Barefoot Books (excludes presents) Cumulative: 493

Library books borrowed: none Cumulative: 156+

Books removed from shelves: none Cumulative: 279

Challenge books read: Oliver and the Seawigs

Year progress: 334/365 = 91.5%
Picture Book Challenge progress: 441/300 = 147.0% [completely inaccurate, loads to add]
50 Book Challenge / Read 52 progress: 55/52 = 105.8%

A reading challenge from http://liveotherwise.co.uk/makingitup

Our Week in Books #47

I have lost track of where we are with books again. After last week’s book mega-haul (posts and giveaways in progress) I have been too caught up with thinking about how to approach them to notice what we got this week or to think about updating Goodreads. It will get done eventually. I think I’ve updated the books added below correctly, but who knows…

I have so many potential posts buzzing in my head at the moment that it’s stopping me from writing anything again. I have organised the non-fiction selection for one of the planned book round-ups, so that should be coming out soon. I was offered a sponsored post which I managed to forget about but I have the idea so must write that, I have two ideas saved for Mum Club as I’ve not submit anything there yet, and then there’s all the other book reviews that are waiting, and that and this and the other thing and… It’s so hard to concentrate with so many things happening in my head.

I’d planned to resign from Barefoot Books after Christmas because I am absolutely not cut out for sales, but I may just stay an extra month or two and work on some blog reviews and see how that goes. It’s been like drawing blood from a stone so far though, and this is the busiest time of year. I do like getting the books, games and puppets at a discount myself though! This week I took a selection of products to our old nursery to see how they do, fingers crossed for some orders.

This week I also eventually took Mighty-Girl to the GP to ask for advice. Which just cemented my opinion on why I never bother to go there in the first place. I’m annoyed with the lack of support offered, I don’t go to a GP lightly, and I’m offended that her first reaction was to tell me they couldn’t medicate for behaviour, which is not something I would ever ask for. Then again, she also told me that because MG was fine at school it absolutely couldn’t be Asperger’s, which is absolute rubbish. I didn’t even ask about Asperger’s.

However I also talked to MG’s teacher, and the school has set up a meeting next week for me. I never asked them for help before because it’s not been a school issue (she holds herself together at school, melts down at home), but we are struggling with a (I know I’m biased) exceptionally bright child who has one emotional reaction to any situation (dial turned up to eleven) and never seems to sleep. It’s exhausting. I don’t usually write about it here.

This week has been quite emotionally draining on lots of levels. I need to think carefully about what I will be able to do for the next week, especially with some xmas social dos coming up and the effect they will have on my energy levels. I may just stay at home and write lots.

I am still keeping track of the word count for November, even though I didn’t post every day and I haven’t been writing the total at the end of every post. It’s at the end of this post though…

New Picture Books read this week:

Books added to shelves: 1 review copy; 1 gift; 1 new Abe Books; 1 new Amazon.  Cumulative: 477

Library books borrowed: none  Cumulative: 156+

Books removed from shelves: none  Cumulative: 279

Challenge books read: none. Currently reading S. by JJ Abrams & Doug Dorst.

Year progress: 327/365 = 89.6%
Picture Book Challenge progress: 441/300 = 147.0%
50 Book Challenge / Read 52 progress: 54/52 = 103.8%

A reading challenge from http://liveotherwise.co.uk/makingitup

[Word count: 596; November word count: 10,762]

Our Week in Books #46

As expected (because I did ask for them), this week has been high on the review books front. Twenty one books. That’s, um, lots. I didn’t request that many, but got a very nice surprise from a publisher I’ve not worked with before. I now have to look at my ridiculous review pile and write the posts I planned. And write about the posts I planned too, because reasons…

I spent a large chunk of my time this week writing a comparison between the UK and US editions of Fortunately, The Milk. It’s one of those blog posts where your pour so much effort in and you really, really hope that people will read. I do try not to fuss about stats, but it was one I was really hoping would be interesting so I’m feeling disheartened that it hasn’t shined. I wanted to write it though, and I got the two editions and put the time in because I was interested in the first place, not because it could be blogged, but still…

I managed to get 36 books out of the house to a charity collection, to slightly decrease that gap between books gained and books removed. Over 200 books added to the shelves this year, but I do have books waiting to go. Oh, just remembered, I sold ten books the other week but forgot to put them down, so I’ll add them in this week. That’s less than 200 books net gain then!

I haven’t updated Goodreads with books received or read this week so a gap there again. I doubt that will change for a couple of weeks as I’ve got the review posts to organise. I’m in the middle of writing several but am not completing at the moment annoyingly. My brain is frazzled. No change there…

Writing a post a day completely flew out of the window, but I’m still going to keep adding up my word count (although it won’t appear on the bottom of every post.) I’ve some lovely things that MG has written to share so will get some of those up too. Maybe I can average a post a day and get 30 done for November in total. Do I count MG’s words in my total? I think so, because it’s a blog total not a personal one as such.

I must reply to comments too. I read them and mentally reply, but funnily enough people can’t read minds and don’t know that I appreciate the comments. I really do, even if I take ages to reply. Apologies for that, it’s one of my weak points and one I doubt will improve quickly. I’ll work on it!

New Picture Books read this week:

Books added to shelves: 21 review copies. Cumulative: 473

Library books borrowed: 2 Cumulative: 156+

Books removed from shelves:  46 Cumulative: 279

Challenge books read: none

Year progress: 320/365 = 87.7%
Picture Book Challenge progress: 441/300 = 147.0%
50 Book Challenge / Read 52 progress: 54/52 = 103.8%

A reading challenge from http://liveotherwise.co.uk/makingitup

[Word count: 480; November word count: 7,266]

Our Week in Books #45

This week I actually requested a huge list of review books in order to write my ‘gift books for xmas 2013’ type posts. I don’t like asking for books but I really can’t afford to buy anything this year and I can write lovely things about them. The books go to a variety of sources after I’ve reviewed them. We do keep many of them (for now), but a lot go to various charities and good causes too. Next week may be heavy on the review books received front, then I need to write the posts!

I’ve been ill most of the week so not really got anything done. On Monday I went to a drop-in for parents with a friend of mine, which made me feel all buzzing after I processed it. I started writing a post but it fell apart. Maybe I will later.

I’ve been reading I Am Malala this week, not the ones I was reading last week. I really need to finish something I’ve started but my brain isn’t working. I think I will postpone The Dark Is Rising sequence until next year again. I do really need to read The Moon of Gomrath after re-reading The Weirdstone of Brisingamen recently. I think my reading will happen nearer xmas as I have to get too many reviews written first to concentrate on reading at the moment.

I read a great post on depression and how for the author depression took away her ability to read books, for someone who was a great reader. I can really relate to that. Okay, I’m a parent now and have less time but I used to read 100+ books a year with no problems and it went down to under 10 because of the depression, which is why I’m really working on getting what was my favourite hobby back now.

I guess I’m still permanently depressed, but not so much in the foggy depths that I lived in for years. It’s hard not to view everything through a foggy lens though.

My plan for a post a day in November failed early on, and I’ve now missed two days. I know it doesn’t matter, but it did for me so I am a bit sad.

New Picture Books read this week:
The Bear With Sticky Paws The Princess and the Peas Lulu and the Best Cake Ever Ruff Little Bear's Dragon and Other Stories Weasels Colin and the Wrong Shadow Winters Child Hansel and Gretel Leon and the Place Between Into The Forest Previously Instructions

Books added to shelves: 5 review copies. 2 Bookstart (reception book pack) Cumulative: 452

Library books borrowed: 11  Cumulative: 154+

Books removed from shelves: none (but I have almost 50 sorted I really need to get out of the house!) Cumulative: 233

Challenge books read: The Arrival (Shaun Tan)

Year progress: 313/365 = 85.8%
Picture Book Challenge progress: 441/300 = 147.0%
50 Book Challenge / Read 52 progress: 54/52 = 103.8%

A reading challenge from http://liveotherwise.co.uk/makingitup

[Word count: 431; November word count: 4,584]

Our Week in Books #44

It’s November, only two months until the end of the year. I’m not sure how that happened! This time of the year always seems to fly by especially fast, so it will be 2014 before I know it. I feel a bit old, as 2000 still feels like a slightly futuristic date, but it was actually a fair while ago now. There are adults alive now who probably don’t remember the 20th century at all, as they were only toddlers then. Eek.

I almost had my second week of the year with no review books but then one sneaked through in the post this morning, which was nice! I am astonished about how many we’ve received, and extraordinarily grateful to all the publishers who have kindly sent us books. I have taken to turning some down, but have offered guest post slots to some independently published books instead, which will appear over the next month or so.

When I was looking at my Goodreads shelves this week, I found a batch of picture books that were marked as read (and I know I have read) and were received this year, but weren’t on the picture books for this year shelf. So the unique picture books read list has shot up this week as I corrected that. Getting to 450 by the end of the year will be a doddle now, I’m tempted to aim for 500 😉

I’ve started reading a couple of books this week. A re-read of The Dark Is Rising sequence because @chaletfan inspired me, but as I said last week after reading three in a week it will be a while before I can concentrate to finish a book again. Now I’m not sure whether to leave my re-read until next year after all. I’ve also read a couple of stories from Unnatural Creatures, edited by Neil Gaiman, which was a Kindle deal this week. I don’t list Kindle purchases, but most of the books I get are freebies and I don’t use it much at the moment. My paper TBR pile is so big I don’t want to look at the electronic one!

I’ve ordered lots more books from the library now I’ve got the hang of it! It’s definitely going to be my new ‘thing’. I currently have The Arrival, The Horrible Princess, Instructions, Leon and the Place Between, Previously, Superkid, Weasels, Colin and the Wrong Shadow, Into the Forest and The Lost Happy Endings waiting for collection. How exciting 🙂

I’m thinking about recommendations for gift books and planning a few posts. I’ve already done a Barefoot Books one (well, I need the income) but there are some lovely newly published ones I’m waiting on to see if they’ll be added. I could recommend hundreds, so it’s going to be hard work narrowing it down to just a few.

New Picture Books read this week:
Monkey Business Wolves Cows in the Kitchen Crash Bang Donkey! Mother Goose Remembers [With CD] The Boy Who Grew Flowers The Prince's Bedtime [With CD] We're Sailing Down the Nile: A Journey Through Egypt Bear In A Square Alligator Alphabet

Books added to shelves: 1 review book; 12 Barefoot Books (Kickstarter 1 & September sign up bonus) Cumulative: 445

Library books borrowed: none  Cumulative: 143+

Books removed from shelves: 1 Cumulative: 233

Challenge books read: none

Year progress: 306/365 = 83.8%
Picture Book Challenge progress: 434/300 = 144.7%
50 Book Challenge / Read 52 progress: 53/52 = 101.9%

A reading challenge from http://liveotherwise.co.uk/makingitup

[Word count: 515; November word count: 1,606]

Our Week in Books #43

I read three books for me this week, which was nice. This probably means I won’t read anything else for another month though, as I need to catch up with blogging and other tasks. Technically it looks like I have achieved my 52 books but there are 8 very short books on that list so I want to make it to 60 before I feel I’ve achieved.

Over 400 picture books read now too. It took five months to read 300 unique books, and another five to read the next 100 unique books! I very much doubt we’ll get to 450 before the end of the year, then I’ll reset the count for 2014 🙂

Today we collected some library reservations, the first time I’ve ever reserved anything. It was wonderfully easy, so I shall be doing that a lot more in future. This year I have bought too many books, I think next year’s aim will be to buy as few as possible. We do very well out of review books and if I can cut costs, I can hopefully fund postage to offer more giveaways as a thank-you to blog readers. We can’t keep every book, no matter how I’d love to!

New Picture Books read this week:
Hansel and Gretel Baby Pie Matilda's Cat Wolves Dear Dragon Extra Yarn Mortimer Keene: Attack of the Slime We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Books added to shelves: 2 review books. Cumulative: 432

Library books borrowed: 11 Cumulative: 143+

Books removed from shelves: none Cumulative: 232

Challenge books read: Some Kind of Fairy Tale; The Story of Tracy Beaker; The Fault in Our Stars

Year progress: 299/365 = 81.9%
Picture Book Challenge progress: 402/300 = 134.0%
50 Book Challenge / Read 52 progress: 53/52 = 101.9%

A reading challenge from http://liveotherwise.co.uk/makingitup

Our Week in Books #42

I’ve updated Goodreads at last! The dates are all wrong of course but (most of) the books are there, although I’ve certainly missed several. The Jane Hissey’s are all the wrong editions as I got a pack of the 2013 Salariya editions but I didn’t feel like adding all ten books to Goodreads so I used the versions that were there already.

My review writing catch up has fallen well behind as well. No reviews written in October at all, and today’s the nineteenth. How is it the nineteenth? The last three weeks really have just disappeared on me. Almost time for school hols so blogging will go to zero again, I really must get some reviews up in the next few days to compensate.

The children are horrors at the moment. This extra-long term has really tired them out, plus MG has a fever at the moment so will expect DG to go down with that soon. Given the amount of screaming tonight, I think that will be very soon. Only three more school days and then they get eleven days off. I’m not looking forward to it because I am rubbish at full time parenting at the moment but I’m also looking forward to it because they really need the lie-ins and relaxation time away from school.

I was looking through some old photos and I got really sad. I did used to do so many more things with them – ice painting and splodge painting and playing with sand and water in the garden, and I didn’t at all this summer. MG said that we didn’t do as much because they were at school now (she’s a smart child) but I still feel I should have done more this summer, while they are still young.

The house is far more of a mess than I planned it to be by now, so I have to move my Christmas deadline, which makes me sad. I also haven’t started getting the old toys ready to sell and if I don’t do it soon then there’s really no point until next October because people only seem to buy just before Christmas.

DG had her first reading book from school last week! It’s one of the Biff, Chip & Kipper books with no words. She loves books but if you ask her to read something she refuses. I then hear her reciting pages when she thinks no one is around! Both girls decided that they wanted Not Now, Bernard this week, and MG started quoting chunks of it from memory. We’ve not read it for months, but apparently she’s doing it at school. It took a while to find it on the shelves, but both of them knew exactly what it looked like!

I’ve not done any reading for me either. I’m not sure what I want to read. I’ve been including the chapter books in my reading count so it looks like I’ve read 50, but I really ought to take eight off that. I just can’t concentrate again and am currently torn between reading The Moon of Gomrath or The Book of Three. If I read The Moon of Gomrath, I’ll probably have to acquire a copy of Boneland to read. If I read The Book of Three, then I’m starting another series. I want to re-read so many of my childhood books, and I just don’t know where to start. Maybe I should read one of the grown-up books instead?!

New Picture Books read this week:
Titch Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy Hubble Bubble: The Glorious Granny Bake Off Welcome Home, Anna Hibiscus! Dixie O'Day: In The Fast Lane The Emperor's Nightingale and Other Feathery Tales The Adventures of the Owl and the Pussycat Very Little Red Riding Hood Old Bear Stories My Granny Went to Market: A Round-The-World Counting Rhyme Mama Panya's Pancakes: A Village Tale from Kenya The Snow Queen Chapter Herb, the Vegetarian Dragon Who's In The Garden? Bear on a Bike I Took the Moon for a Walk The Animal Boogie [With CD] Port Side Pirates with Cdex Emily's Tiger The Story Tree We All Went On Safari: A Counting Journey Through Tanzania Clare Beaton's Nursery Rhymes Little Bear's Dragon and Other Stories Old Bear's Surprise Painting Ruff Hoot Little Bear Lost How to Lose a Lemur The Yoga Game All Through the Night How to Babysit a Grandad Wibbly Pig and the TookyNoisy Farm Penguin on Holiday Where’s Tim’s Ted? It’s Time for Bed! Captain Brainpower and the Mighty Mean Machine The Littlest Bird Spider Sandwiches Oh No Wibbly Pig, Not a Rabbit! The Girl with a Brave Heart Troll and the Oliver

Books added to shelves: 1 review book; 3 Barefoot Books. Cumulative: 430 (incl Barefoot Books again!)

Library books borrowed: none Cumulative: 132+

Books removed from shelves: none Cumulative: 232

Challenge books read: Hubble Bubble: The Glorious Granny Bake Off! Not this week but I’ve retrospectively added Jane Ray’s The Emperor’s Nightingale and Dixie O’Day because I included Anna Hibiscus etc.

Year progress: 292/365 = 80.0%
Picture Book Challenge progress: 394/300 = 131.3%
50 Book Challenge / Read 52 progress: 50/52 = 96.2%

A reading challenge from http://liveotherwise.co.uk/makingitup

Our Week In Books #41

Blah blah Goodreads blah blah.

This week has been a very bookish event week with Clara Vulliamy at the Henley Literary Festival last Sunday and the Oxford Children’s Book Group Conference yesterday.

The favourite picture books at the moment are any fairy tale / fable re-tellings and a re-emergence of The Spider and The Fly.

I now have both the US and UK versions of Fortunately, The Milk and will write a comparison of them soon. Mighty-Girl wasn’t sleeping (as usual) last night so she started reading the US edition, and pointed out some of the word changes from memory of reading the UK edition a couple of weeks ago!

Mighty-Girl really can read quite well but hasn’t quite got the stamina yet. She reads the beginnings of books but doesn’t really finish any. Something I need to support her with. She definitely needs longer books now in addition to our picture book reads. I wondered whether she was really getting all the words when she reads in her head but her memory of Fortunately, The Milk has shown me that she is reading and comprehending.

At school, Mighty-Girl is on ‘turquoise’ band (ORT band 7) but at home her reading covers almost anything. She tackled words like suspicious and conference without a pause. Without a pause is one of her drawbacks though, as punctuation does get ignored sometimes 😉

I have lots of bookish things to write up. The OCBG conference was wonderful and I will write that up. I want to write the Fortunately, The Milk comparison, and now I’ve finished all the Anna Hibiscus books I want to write about them (long overdue after being sent the second picture book by Lauren Tobia) There is still the rest of the review pile too, with so many gems. Only a week and a half until half term though and I have a bunch of decluttering to sort out because I haven’t for the last three weeks (depression blip). I’ll see what I can fit in but the housework comes first.

New Picture Books read this week:

Books added to shelves: 2 second hand; 3 review books; 2 new Foyles; 1 new OCBG conference (Mostly Books) Cumulative: 412

Library books borrowed: none Cumulative: 132+

Books removed from shelves: none Cumulative: 232

Challenge books read: Welcome Home, Anna Hibiscus (well, I counted the other four even though they take no time to read)

Year progress: 285/365 = 78.1%
Picture Book Challenge progress: /300 = %
50 Book Challenge / Read 52 progress: 47/52 = 90.4%

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