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Friday Pick(ture Book} #11: Six Dinner Sid

Six Dinner Sid: Inga Moore (Hodder Children's Books, 1990)

Six Dinner Sid: Inga Moore
(Hodder Children’s Books, 1990)

This is one of MG’s favourite books. She had it read to her at school and when we found it in a charity shop it was a must buy. We read it regularly, although she can quote huge chunks of it off by heart, especially the beginning which we all find brilliant and funny:

Sid lived at number one, Aristotle Street.
He also lived at number two, number three, number four, number five and number six.

It’s hard work for Sid to maintain six different identities to get his six dinners, so he feels that he deserves them all. Eventually the neighbours find him out and plan to give him only one dinner a day. But Sid is a six-dinner-a-day cat, so he has other plans…

He went with six different people, in six different ways.

This book is lovingly illustrated with wonderful observations on cat mannerisms. The six different ways Sid is perceived by his ‘owners’ and how they treat him are shown in comic-style panels on the page and the fairly minimal text allows for early reading. This is a book that MG likes to copy sentences out of for practising her writing.

I find the place names (Aristotle Street and Pythagoras Place) a nice touch, and that it encourages neighbourliness. Both MG and DG love cheeky Sid and his six dinners.

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