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#BookADayUK Doesn’t Belong To Me

Um. There are lots of books in this house that technically don’t belong to me. Mr Chaos has a selection. Mighty Girl and Danger Girl have lots. But most of the children’s books have been bought by me and part of parenting will involve culling them at some point (sniffle) so MG & DG don’t completely own their own things.

There are a couple of books I have borrowed from other people, and we even have four library books out (I’ve been rubbish with library books this year) but I’m not sure what to choose. I want to do one unreviewed book every day, so I guess I can choose any of the picture books.

Let’s see…

The Story Machine: Tom McLaughlin (Bloomsbury Children's Books, 2014)The Story Machine: Tom McLaughlin (Bloomsbury Children’s Books, 2014)

I’ve chosen this one today because this story doesn’t belong to me, I’m old enough to remember typewriters. I even had a manual typewriter. Well, it was my mum’s, but I borrowed it lots. But my children have never seen one. Maybe in older television, but television is made up and not real so the idea of a typewriter is a strange and curious machine.

In The Story Machine, Elliott finds an old typewriter, but not knowing what it is he experiments until he discovers he can make pictures from the letters, and the pictures tell stories. Elliott thinks the machine is making the stories, but after things start to go wrong, he realises that the stories come from himself.

This is a lovely tale of the power of imagination and creating stories, beautifully illustrated. It’s perfect for my writer MG(7) and DG(5) is fascinated by it and often asks for the book by name at bedtime. The power of stories is something I’m glad that my children both know well, and they are drawn to the power of this one.

Disclosure: The Story Machine received for review from Bloomsbury Children’s Books.