Making Paint

Both MG and DG love painting. I’m not a huge fan of clearing up the mess, and it’s never really possible for them to fully clean the mess on their own, especially as it usually descends into an emergency bath moment…

Today while MG was at school I realised that I had a perfect activity for DG (now 2 years 7 months). I’d been letting the readymix paint get used up in order to replace the bottles with mixed powder paint that I’d bought “to save money” and we now had 5 empty bottles to fill. This is an excellent activity, and if properly planned (which of course I didn’t!) covers spooning, measuring, counting, pouring, funnelling, shaking – lots of motor skills for small children plus maths and science activities for older children. In Chez Chaos, what you usually end up with is mess!

In theory the process involves:

  • Unscrewing lid of powder paint jar (depending on age of child – I did this with DG because of the mess aspect)
  • Spooning powder into measuring cup (pouring from the powder jar was far too messy)
  • Pouring powder from measuring cup into funnel
  • Shaking or stirring to get powder from funnel into paint bottle
  • Counting number of measuring cups of powder required (our instructions said 2 parts powder to 1 part water but 3 parts powder to 1 part water made a better thickness for our use – with older children experimenting with consistancies would be great fun)
  • Measuring water and pouring into funnel
  • Screwing top onto paint bottle and shaking to mix the paint
  • Admire your work 🙂

Did I mention the mess? Whilst I was taking a picture of DG spooning, she accidentally knocked the bottle and funnel over (we should have got the powder in the bottle before measuring the next cupful) and the powder went everywhere…

An emergency bath was in order, but DG loves baths so was quite happy with that.

I’m linking this up with Montessori Monday – Yes, it’s Thursday but we’re chaotic 😆
Montessori Monday

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9 responses to “Making Paint

  1. My kids love to paint too. They would paint their entire bodies, even between their toes when they were two and three. Now they’re 5, and although they still love to paint, they don’t enjoy painting their own bodies anymore. I never thought I’d say this, but I kinda miss it a little…..just a little though 🙂

  2. Fantastic. Loads of great practical life skills there! And messy is good. Embrace the mess. Totally with you on making the paint a bit thicker. Saw a brilliant Jackson Pollock inspired art activity that you could do with DG with thicker paint like this! Dripping the paint off a spoon on to a real, proper grown up canvas.

    • Thank-you, that sounds like a fun one to try. We’ve just used up some mini canvas boards that I found in The Works but I’ve never bought larger canvas because we have too much stuff 😉

  3. Great project, even though it is messy! Love the practical life and measuring activities (and fun) involved. Thanks for linking up with Montessori Monday. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:

  4. your post made me laugh so much. my son would love this activity and getting so messy. I think i’ll have to seek out some powder paint (and not tell my husband that i am planning something insane!)

  5. Lol! I feel guilty I don’t paint more with Spud but as you say, its so bloody messy! Think we’ll hold off until summer then get in the garden and make as much mess as we like 🙂

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