Fiction Fridays #16: Winnie the Witch

Winnie the Witch: Valerie Thomas & Korky Paul (1987)

Winnie the Witch lived in a black house in the forest.

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Extra Info:
I think this is a near perfect book. I love all the Winnie the Witch stories but this is the start and a brilliant start it is. The book begins with the description of the black house, which is black on the outside and black on the inside and continues to poor Wilbur the black cat being unable to nap anywhere without being trodden on, or sat on…

Winnie’s solution is to change Wilbur to a green cat so she can see him inside but this has its problems too… I think the story gives a Montessori message – you can’t just change a child (or cat) to suit the environment you have set up for adults (or witches) but you can change the environment to help the child and adult (or cat and witch!)

Apologies for the picture grabbed from the internet but the book is in the girls bedroom, they’ve only just gone to sleep and I’m three days late with this anyhow (the publication date is a backdate – shhh, don’t tell anyone…)

2 responses to “Fiction Fridays #16: Winnie the Witch

  1. I have always wanted to read these books but as the three oldest are boys I didn’t think it was appropriate but hurray now I have a little girl, we will definitely read them when she gets a bit older.

    • Oh, no, you’re missing out! They’re completely non gender specific. The pictures (which I managed not to mention stupidly) have so many funny things happening in them and lots of monsterous beasties. There’s nothing ‘girly’ about the stories either.

      I’ve been fortunate to hear Korky Paul read Winnie-the-Witch twice and the children in the audience were a complete mix of boys and girls both times, all fans of the Winnie-the-Witch books.

      Go to the library this instant 😆 Or one of the World Book Day books this year is Winnie Flies Again (mini version I assume) – it’s only £1 (or free if you get the book tokens) 😉

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