Fiction Fridays #20: Dirty Bertie

Dirty Bertie: David Roberts (2002)

This is Bertie. He used to have dirty habits.

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Extra Info:
This is such a fantastic book. It might not suit every parent’s sensibilities but I love it (I taught my girls to say ‘fart’ instead of ‘wind’, I’m not the greatest example… :lol:)

The first half of the books lists all the different ‘dirty’ habits that Bertie has – eating food off the floor, picking his nose, weeing in the flowerbeds… and the response from various members of his family: “NO BERTIE! THAT’S DIRTY, BERTIE!” which is fantastic for children to join in as you read the book again (and again and again!)

The second half of the book shows why he stopped all these habits – being sick from eating off the floor etc… except for one last habit which is even worse than first mentioned! David Robert’s pictures are fantastic, and most children will find this book hilarious. To be gender stereotyped, little boys will love Dirty Bertie, and the sequel Pooh! Is That You, Bertie? But my little girls love these books and find them funny too, so ignore my lapse into gender stereotyping there!

This book does also technically do a serious job of explaining why not to do certain things (like eat random sweets off the floor) in a very humourous manner. Highly recomended.

4 responses to “Fiction Fridays #20: Dirty Bertie

  1. jackiekatsianas

    Oh yes, I think my girls would like this. Sure to get some giggles. We just read a story about a boy who farts all the time and saved the day when his school was swept out to sea, by providing the wind-power to sail back home. Much hilarity ensued!

  2. jackiekatsianas

    Sounds like a winner! My girls would love this for sure.

  3. David Roberts came as a guest on the Arvon course I was on. He is such a lovely man. Very gifted and very modest and encouraging and gently funny. He even drew for us. Sorry – I know that’s unashamed showing off – but I think he’s great! And ‘Dirty Bertie’ is a brilliant book choice!

  4. That’s a brilliant choice of book. I saw David Roberts speak and draw when he came as a guest to an Arvon course i was on – such a lovely, modest and gifted man.

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