Ten Tickling Toes by Morag Dennett & Warren Osborne

Ten Ticking Toes:Morag Dennett & Warren Osborne (Ten Ticking Toes Publishing, 2012)

Ten Ticking Toes: Morag Dennett & Warren Osborne (Ten Ticking Toes Publishing, 2012)

Ten tickling toes I feel, along the sole and to the heel… so begins this delightful rhyming book taking you on a journey from the tops of your toes to your fingers high in the air and covering many body parts in between.

I really do love this book. It has a couple of stumbling blocks in the rhyme but more than makes up for it with the bright colourful character, Bebo, and the active journey naming body parts. We have the paperback version of this book which is beautifully printed with purple glossy paper making the white wording and colourful Bebo stand out well.

The font used is an easy to read one, where the a is a circle with a tail, the l has a tail and b/d are distinguishable. This is something I look for in books because although I do like fonts, it’s nice when a book is accessible to early- and dyslexic readers.

This book is especially good for babies and toddlers who are learning body parts, and would be a lovely book to include as part of a toddler group session. In fact, I do think groups should consider giving this out to parents, especially in areas where books are not found in homes and parents don’t read aloud. This would be an excellent book for reading initiatives to spread to parents of young children to encourage reading together – not only because the fun activity-based nature of the book but because the text will help parents who feel they can’t read, perhaps because of undiagnosed dyslexia.

Being slightly on the older end of the age range for this book, MG and DG are inclined to grumble at me as much as enjoy this book depending what mood they’re in! Usually tickling is allowed, but sometimes I can only read the words and not tickle! It is an active book, but can be enjoyed as a read-aloud without actions for more tired occasions. But as the book ends with a hug, I try to sneak one in every time too!

Ten Tickling Toes is available from their website at £5.99 plus postage, or as an electronic version for only £1.99. This would be best enjoyed on a colour tablet rather than a black & white e-reader. The website also includes some activities, including a colouring page and a Bebo mask, brilliant for including in any toddler group sessions.

If you’re running a toddler group or reading session, do consider using this book. The kids will love it, and it’s a book that will be picked up again and again thanks to its brightly coloured pages and loveable, ticklish Bebo.

Disclaimer: We were sent a copy of Ten Tickling Toes by Ten Tickling Toes Publishing for review. No other financial reward was given and the opinions are my own. I was not asked to write this post.

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